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The Internet is filled with powerful - and free - Microsoft Office, Website Authoring, Graphic Design, and other application and software instructional materials.

However, most are not indexed by the major search engines, making them extremely hard to find. (I should know — I've spent hundreds of hours searching for them!)

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At, we serve you with one simple mission: To constantly search, review, and categorize the best free computer software training available online.

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And the courses and materials are organized in easy-to-browse categories:

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Some people I speak with are impressed by the hundreds of courses on the many of topics in our directory. But what I hope impresses YOU is the fact that there are hundreds of other sites that we DON'T list because, quite simply, they aren't good enough.

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And by helping pay for the site with their fees, members are quite literally helping people from around the world improve their lives through free education...

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"I commend your website for undertaking the task of bringing the computer knowledge to the grassroots. your website has done more good than you expect because in most part of the world, like my part, the knowledge is elusive and in some cases very expensive. i personally do not know how to thank you for the priceless information you have sent to me, i say a big thank you and please keep on the good work. thanks yours faithfully " - Michelle A.


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Good luck with all your computer training!

If you have any questions or comments regarding — or online computer education in general — please e-mail me.

I'd love to hear from you.Jeff Love web master of

Jeff Love, Editor

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28 Modules of Soft Skills Training covering topics such as Coaching, Delegating, Finance Essentials, Hiring, Leading and Motivating Team, Making a Presentation, Managing Your Time, and Setting Goals.

2. 19 Online Business and Reference Books, including titles such as Scientific Advertising, The Art of Electronic Publishing, and Small Business Manual: Issues in owning and managing a small business.

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Here are some Answers to Questions about our Members' Site:

1. The computer training web sites and pages in our members site are not in the free section of our web site. The online training resources in our members' site are linked and laid out in a much more detailed fashion than those in the free section. This will save you time in finding all the best free training on the web.

2. When signing up as a member, you can choose to either use or purchase from, which is an authorized retailer for this service. Your credit card transaction will appear as one of the following:
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3. You have a choice to select the non-recurring or recurring method of payment. If you select non-recurring, when your membership period expires, you will not be automatically charged another fee on your credit card or check.

4. If you are looking for training and tutorials about programming and technical IT topics, please see our sister site,

5. A little about myself: I've been doing research for many years, in fact, since my college days, when I was the top researcher in business grad school earning my MBA. When the web started to gain popularity in the mid '90s my friends asked me to find the best web content in topics they were searching because they knew I had a knack for finding it. I soon knew how I was going to help people find the content that they were looking for and it was something I knew about: computer and software training and tutorials. I have a Computer Science B.S. degree and I've been a computer consultant for the last 20 years.Please contact Jeff Love ( ) if you have any questions, etc.


A Connected World...

"I commend your website for undertaking the task of bringing the computer knowledge to the grassroots. Your website has done more good than you expect because in most part of the world, like my part, the knowledge is elusive and in some cases very expensive. i personally do not know how to thank you for the priceless information you have sent to me, though my first newsletter is the april edition, i say a big thank you and please keep on the good work. thanks yours faithfully " - M.E.A.

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