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Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Office Publisher 2003 running on Windows XP.
Developer Microsoft
Latest release 2003 / October 2003
OS Microsoft Windows
Genre Desktop publishing
License Proprietary

Microsoft Publisher is a desktop publishing application from Microsoft. It is often considered to be an entry-level desktop publishing application, and to provide superior control over page elements to Microsoft Word but inferior to page layout programs such as Adobe Systems' InDesign, Quark, Inc.'s QuarkXPress and even Apple's consumer-level page layout application, Pages

Publisher has historically been less well-liked among high end commercial print shops, compared with other desktop publishing applications. It is a Windows-only program, in industries heavily based on Apple's Mac OS. Publisher's position as an entry-level application aggregates issues such as fonts unavailable and embedded objects not available on service providers' machines (in all fairness, Publisher does come with tools to pack related files into a self-expanding application). Many higher end features like transparency, object shadowing, slugs, text on paths, built-in PDF output, etc. are either not fully-functional or simply unavailable. However, recent versions have greater capabilities concerning color separations and proper process coloring output.

Publisher 2003 is bundled with Microsoft Office 2003 Small Business Edition and Professional SKUs.

Most alternatives to Publisher, with the exception of Adobe PageMaker, lack a Publisher import facility. Broadly speaking there is little Puiblisher can do that OpenOffice Draw cannot. For those who need to work with Publisher files, but lack the core application there is amazingly a solution. Ask the creator of the Publisher file to reopen it in Publisher and save each page as an EMF (enhanced metafile). These load almost perfectly into both OpenOffice Draw on Linux and Adobe Illustrator on the Mac or Windows. The result can then be easily re-exported as a PDF file.


Versions for Microsoft Windows include:

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