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1)... Editor's Greeting

2)... Best New Free Microsoft Office Training & Tutorial Sites

3)... The Best New Free Training Sites for Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, FrontPage, & other Adobe / Macromedia Applications

4)... Best New Free Web Development Training Sites

5)... Best New Free Windows, Linux, Hardware & Computer Training

6)... Software, Office and Computer Sites Worth Mentioning

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1) Editor's Greeting:

Hello everyone, and welcome to our new subscribers!

Here is our May 2008 issue (#49) of our Free monthly Newsletter for, giving you the most current Free online Microsoft Office and Web Development Software Training and Tutorial Resources that we have recently discovered and researched. This newsletter is free to anyone subscribing (instructions at bottom, no username/password is needed). To access our member site, however, you do need a user name and password - registering as a member of costs only $14 for two months, for more information please see Become a Member of

My desire is that these free resources will help you with your computer education and training and will help you advance your career. Our main mission is the training of those less fortunate who are seeking to become computer literate, from a user's perspective.

By means of this email newsletter, you have knowledge of and access to these sites before our web site visitors do. The best of these resources will be added to our Member Training pages and the remainder to our Free Training pages.

*** Current Issue ***

In this issue we are featuring a total of 44 Computer Software Application training, learning and tutorial web sites, with a total of 115 tutorial courses linked. It features many Free Microsoft Office, Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Web Development training tutorials for your learning profit and enjoyment. 

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2) The Best New Free Microsoft Office Training & Tutorial Sites:

This section of our newsletter contains the best new Free Microsoft Office training and tutorial sites that we have found and researched in the last few weeks. 



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WikiHow's Word Tutorials and Articles

Here are WikiHow's Word Tutorials and Articles, giving you step-by-step instructions and screen shots for performing a variety of tasks in Microsoft Word. This site permits users to add and edit the articles and tutorials it hosts, calling itself the How-to Manual You Can Edit.

30 Word 2003 Tutorials:

 - Add a Shortkey Using Shortkeys
 - Add a Watermark to a Page in Microsoft Word
 - Change the File That Microsoft Word Opens when You Select 'open'
 - Change the Orientation of Text in Microsoft Word
 - Correctly Use a Word Processor (Like Microsoft Word)
 - Create Labels in Microsoft Word
 - Create Usable Forms With Solid Converter PDF to Word
 - Create a 3d Object in Microsoft Word
 - Create a Fillable Form Using Microsoft Word 2003
 - Create and Install Symbols on Microsoft Word
 - Double Space a Microsoft Word Document
 - Draw Flowcharts With Word 2003
 - Fill out Paper Forms With Ms Word
 - Get Rid of a Horizontal Line in Microsoft Word
 - Get rid of the space between paragraphs in Microsoft Word
 - Hack Bess Through Microsoft Word
 - Insert Symbols in an MS Word Document
 - Insert a Custom Header or Footer in Microsoft Word
 - Insert a Pagebreak in MS Word Without Formatting Trouble
 - Keep the Text from Changing when Copied from a Word Doc and Pasted in an E Mail
 - Mail Merge Address Labels Using Excel and Word
 - Mail Merge in Microsoft Word
 - Make a Computer Diary
 - Make a Video Game With Microsoft Word
 - Merge Documents in Microsoft Word
 - Navigate a Document With Keyboard Shortcuts in Microsoft Word
 - Overline Characters in Microsoft Word
 - Print in Excel With Solid Print PDF
 - Quickly Convert PDF to Word With Solid Converter PDF to Word
 - Reformat a Word Document Onto As Few Pages As Possible

3 Word 2007 Tutorials

 - Create Labels Using Microsoft Word 2007
 - Create a Brochure in Microsoft Word 2007
 - Insert and Edit a Header in Microsoft Word 2007


WikiHow's Excel Tutorials and Articles

Here are WikiHow's Excel Tutorials and Articles, giving you step-by-step instructions for performing a variety of tasks in Microsoft Excel. This site bills itself as the How-to Manual You Can Edit, as it allows users to add and edit the tutorials it hosts.

30 Excel 2003 Tutorials:

 - Apply Conditional Formatting in Excel
 - Create Pivot Tables in Excel
 - Create a Currency Converter With Microsoft Excel
 - Add Two Cells Already Containing Sum of Other Formulas
 - Calculate the Day of the Week in Excel
 - Change the Colour of Gridlines in Excel
 - Convert Measurements Easily in Microsoft Excel
 - Create a Bar Graph in Microsoft Excel XP
 - Create a Drop Down List from a Range of Cells in Excel 2003
 - Create a Formula to Increase a Date by 1 Month
 - Create a Histogram in Excel
 - Create a Usable Sourcesafe Files Report
 - Edit Data in Microsoft Excel
 - Edit the Contents of a Spreadsheet Cell
 - Export Vericle Reports to Excel for Electronic Medical Billing Software Analysis
 - File MS Excel Records when You Add Them
 - Get Live Stock Quotes in Excel
 - Get Stock Quotes in Excel
 - Group and Outline Excel Data
 - Make a Spreadsheet in Excel
 - Navigate in Excel Without Using Scrollbars or Arrows
 - Print Part of an Excel Spreadsheet
 - Read an Excel Spreadsheet
 - Read and Interpret a Spread Sheet
 - Reduce Size of Excel Files
 - Use AutoFilter in MS Excel
 - Use Solver in Microsoft Excel
 - Use a Spreadsheet to Create Budgets for Spending Money
 - Use the Lookup Function in Excel
 - Write a Simple Macro in Microsoft Excel

4 Excel 2007 Tutorials:

 - Add a Header or Footer in Excel 2007
 - Calculate Mean and Standard Deviation With Excel 2007
 - Use Graphics to Represent Data Series in Excel 2007
 - Use the Sum Function in Excel 2007


26 Free Excel 2003 QuickSkill Tutorials

Here are 26 Free Excel 2003 Video QuickSkill Tutorials from These Excel tutorials teach you the features below using screen videos that show you step-by-step how to perform these everyday Excel tasks.  (This sites charges a fee for accessing more of these tutorials.)

Basic Excel QuickSkills

The Excel Environment
Closing multiple workbooks
Zooming in a spreadsheet
Using the horizontal scroll bar

Manipulation of Cell Contents
Copy and Paste I
Autofill identical data

Basic Functions
Using The Autosum button
The SQRT() function

Intro to Charts
Changing the axis color
Changing the legend text font
Changing the line weight
Changing the point style

Intermediate Excel QuickSkills

Formatting Data II
Formatting Decimals II

Formatting to Currency II

Intermediate Functions
The LOG() function
The ROMAN() function
The PRODUCT() function

Logical Functions
The TRUE function
The NOT function

Formatting Tables
Creating cell borders II
Set table color fills

Advanced Excel QuickSkills

Cell Formatting II
Apply conditional formatting

How to use the format painter

Advanced Math Functions

The MMULT() function
The MINVERSE() function


WikiHow's PowerPoint Tutorials and Articles

Here are WikiHow's PowerPoint Tutorials and Articles, providing how-to steps for performing several tasks and using some important features in Microsoft PowerPoint. This website calls itself the 'How-to Manual You Can Edit' because it allows users to add and edit the tutorials it hosts.

19 PowerPoint 2003 Tutorials:

 - Add Music to Powerpoint
 - Add a Template to the Autocontent Wizard in PowerPoint
 - Change the Background on Powerpoint Slides
 - Convert PowerPoint to Flash Using Open Source Tools
 - Convert PowerPoint to Flash Using Wondershare
 - Convert a PowerPoint Presentation to Screensaver
 - Create a Flowchart
 - Embed Music in a PowerPoint Presentation
 - Embed and Insert a Chart in a Powerpoint Presentation
 - Fill out a PDF Form With PowerPoint
 - Make Animations With Microsoft Powerpoint
 - Make a PowerPoint Presentation with Lots of Bitmap Images and Small File Size
 - Make an Awesome Rpg on Powerpoint
 - Publish a PowerPoint Presentation Online
 - Put a Hyperlink in Microsoft PowerPoint
 - Save a Powerpoint Presentation on a Thumbdrive
 - Show the Slide Number and Total Number of Slides on Every Powerpoint Slide
 - Use Microsoft Office PowerPoint
 - Use WonderShare PP2DVD to Burn PowerPoint to DVD

2 PowerPoint 2007 Tutorials:

 - Add a Sound to a Presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
 - Insert Flash Into PowerPoint 2007


Free Outlook 2003 Training Manual

Here is a comprehensive, well written Free Outlook 2003 Training Manual, courtesy of This Outlook training guide is 233 pages in length, you will need to unzip it after downloading (ZIP file is 4.3mb, resulting DOC file is 8.1mb after unzip). This manual covers all of the tools of Outlook that you need to know to use this Information management application efficiently. These include performing activities and working with Email, Address Book, Calendar, Tasks, and Notes features. The free Outlook training manual is divided into sections, as listed below. For step-by-step instructions for each Outlook command, look for the hand icon.

Table of Contents of Outlook 2003 Training Manual:

How to use this guide

Section 1:
Understanding Outlook 2003
What is Microsoft Outlook 2003?
Getting started with Outlook 2003
The Outlook 2003 Screen
Viewing Information in Outlook
View Pane
Outlook Shortcuts
Previewing Items
Reading Pane
Microsoft Outlook Help

Section 2:
Mail Messages
Composing mail messages
Addressing Messages
Sending Messages
Saving unsent messages
Receiving and reading mail messages
Moving between messages
Replying to and forwarding messages
Forwarding Messages
Inserting data into a message
E-Mail Accounts
Change an e-mail account name

Section 3:
Message Options
Ask others to vote in a message
Read and Delivery Receipts
Have replies sent to
Do not deliver before
Expiry Date
Flagging Messages
Message Icons

Section 4:
Organising Mail Messages
Deleting Messages
Working with Folders
Moving Messages
Public Folders
Sorting items
Finding Items
Filtering Items
Mailbox Cleanup
Out of Office
Marking Messages as Read and Unread
Printing Messages
Recalling Sent Messages
Changing Column Headings

Section 5:
Address Books and Contacts
Global Address Book
Personal Address Book
Creating a personal distribution list
Editing a Personal Distribution List
Viewing Contacts
E-mailing a Contact
Locating Contacts

Section 6:
Using the Calendar
Moving Between Dates
Scheduling Appointments
Booking Meetings
Group Schedules
Using the TaskPad
Using Categories
Calendar Colouring
Viewing the Calendar
Printing the Calendar
Customising the Appearance of Calendar

Section 7:
The Tasks List
Working with Tasks
Editing Tasks
Deleting a Task
Viewing Tasks
Marking Tasks as Complete
Assigning Tasks

Section 8:
Creating, Editing and Deleting Notes
Changing the View of notes
Changing Notes Defaults

Section 9:
Sharing Folders
Delegate Access permissions
Sharing Private Folders

Section 10:
Defining Views
Define Views

Section 11:
Routing Slips
To route a file
Review tracked changes and comments

Section 12:
Work Offline
Remote Mail
Offline folders
Work offline using Exchange Server


Free Access 2003 Training Manual

Here is an excellent Free Access 2003 Training Manual, courtesy of This Access training guide is 164 pages in length, and you need to unzip it after downloading (ZIP file is 2.0mb, resulting DOC file is 4.3mb after unzip). This manual can also be used as an Access reference guide.  It covers all the topics taught by the site's Access course. The free Access training manual is divided into sections, as listed below. If you already have experience using an Access database you may not need to read explanations about each command, and instead can go right to the instructions to find out how to do it. Look for the hand icon preceding the step-by-step instructions for each Access command.

If you need assistance with learning about and using Access Macros, also download their Microsoft Access Macros Training Manual (82 pages, 523kb, doc format after unzipped). This Macro training document contains six sections: Intro to  Macros, Macro Groups, Auto Keys, Event Procedures, Conditional Macros, and Start Up Options.

Table of Contents of Access 2003 Training Manual:

Section 1:
Screen Layout
Windows Concepts
The Screen Layout
Using Help

Section 2:
What is a database?
Naming Conventions
Planning a Database
  Step 1: Task Analysis
  Step 2:  Data Analysis
  Step 3: Table Design

Section 3:
Creating a Database
Starting and naming a database
Creating a Table
Setting a Primary Key
Field Properties
Other Field Properties
Editing the Table Structure
Saving Tables
Creating a Table using a Table Wizard

Section 4:
Switch between Views of a Table
Adding New Records
Selecting Fields & Records in Datasheet View
Editing Table Data
Moving Around a Table
The Undo/Redo Command
Spell Checking Feature
Searching & Replacing Information

Section 5:
Table Properties
Changing the Table Appearance
Sorting Data in a Table

Section 6:
Importing and Linking Data
Importing from Access and Excel
Importing form Excel
Linking to Access and Excel
Round Tripping between versions
Renaming and Copying Tables

Section 7:
Using Filter and Select Queries
Running a Select Query
Specifying text, numeric, date, and logic criteria
Calculated Fields
Using Query Wizards

Section 8:
Why do we need relationships
Different Types of Relationships
Creating a relationship

Section 9:
Multi-table Queries
Multiple Table Queries
Joining Tables in Queries
Find Unmatched Query Wizard
Find Duplicates Query Wizard

Section 10:
Creating Forms
Using Forms
Viewing Forms
The Form Wizard

Section 11:
Form Layout and Formatting
Editing Forms
The Field List box
Formatting Controls

Section 12:
Creating Reports
Creating Reports
Page Components
Grouping and Summarising Data
Viewing Reports
Mailing Labels


Free PowerPoint 2003 Training Manual

Here is's freely available PowerPoint 2003 Training Manual. This excellent PowerPoint training guide is 195 pages in length and is downloadable in zip format (ZIP file is 2.1mb, resulting DOC file is 5.6mb after unzip). This training manual teaches you all of the features of PowerPoint that you need to know so you can make and present great slide presentations. Features and tasks covered range from wizards to help you with the content and look and feel of your presentation to animation tools to create moving images. The free PowerPoint training manual is divided into sections, as described below. For step-by-step instructions for each PowerPoint command, look for the hand icon. The Toolbar Appendices list the toolbars discussed within the manual along with a breakdown of their functions and shortcut keys.

Contents of PowerPoint 2003 Training Manual:

Section 1:
The Basics
What is PowerPoint?
Launching PowerPoint
The PowerPoint Screen
Using Help

Section 2:
Creating a Presentation
Creating presentations
Adding New Slides
Changing the Slide Layout
Adding Free Form Text
Saving a Presentation

Section 3:
Formatting a Presentation
Selecting Placeholders and Text
Formatting Text
Formatting Backgrounds
Formatting Numbered and Bulleted Lists
Master Slides
The Format Painter
Changing Case
Smart Tags

Section 4:
PowerPoint Views
Different ways to view slides
The Normal (Tri Pane) View
Slide Sorter View
Slide Show View
View in Black and White
Print Preview

Section 5:
Working with Outline View
Using Outline View to enter Text
The Outline Tab
Creating slides in Outline View
The Outlining Toolbar
Expand or collapse text
Importing text stored in other formats
Creating a Summary Slide

Section 6:
Working with Slide Sorter View
Using Slide Sorter view
Moving & Copying slides within the same presentation
Moving and Copying Between Presentations

Section 7:
Selecting Objects
Formatting objects using the menu
Formatting objects using the toolbar
Resizing, Moving, and Copying Objects
Working with Guides and the Visible Grid
Aligning and Distributing Objects
Rotating/ Flipping Objects
Ordering (Stacking) objects
Grouping Objects
Inserting text within an object
Formatting Object Text

Section 8:
Working with Clip Art
Resizing and Moving Objects
Moving Clip Art
Re-Colouring Clip Art
The Picture Toolbar
Ungrouping Clip Art
Cropping Clip Art
Using Image Settings

Section 9:
Working with Tables
Adding New Columns and Rows
Resizing columns and rows
Resizing the entire table
Deleting Columns and Rows
Formatting Tables

Section 10:
Inserting a Chart
Editing a Chart
Editing the Datasheet
Adding Chart Items
Changing Chart Type
Formatting chart elements

Section 11:
Organization Charts
Inserting an Organization Chart
Formatting the Organization Chart
Formatting Boxes and Lines
Changing Organization Chart Layout

Section 12:
Slide Masters and Templates
Master Slides
The Title Master
Slide Colour Scheme
Slide Background
Headers and Footers

Section 13:
Transition and Animation Effects
Animation Effects
Slide Transitions
Animating Text
Preset Animation Schemes
Animating Objects

Section 14:
Organising and Delivering Presentations
Running A Slide Show
Slide Timings
Custom Shows
Summary Slides

Toolbars Appendix:
Standard Toolbar
Formatting Toolbar
Drawing Toolbar
Picture Toolbar


Free Visio 2003 Training Manual

Here is's Free Visio 2003 Training Manual. This illustrated Visio training guide is 66 pages in length and is downloadable in zip format (ZIP file is 546kb, resulting DOC file is 830kb after unzipping). Visio is designed to help you create business and technical diagrams, including Organization Charts, Flow Charts and Office Layout Diagrams. These diagrams are created with the use of sophisticated drawing tools and stencils of pre-drawn shapes that can be dropped onto the drawing page. This training manual demonstrates Visio's features for creating and working with Visio diagrams, including the following Visio topics: the Visio Layout and Toolbars, Stencils, Working with Shapes, Drawing Shapes, Pages and Views, Working with Text, Connectors, Printing, and Keyboard Shortcuts.

Contents of Visio 2003 Training Manual:

Getting Started

Visio Environment:
Screen Layout
Standard Toolbar
Formatting Toolbar
Task Pane

File Commands:
Saving a File
Closing a File
Opening an Existing File

Opening more stencils
Moving between Stencils
Closing stencils
Searching for a Shape on a Stencil

Working with Shapes:
Creating a shape
Selecting shapes
Select Multiple Shapes Using the Keyboard
Select Multiple Shapes Using the Multiple Select Tool
Select Shapes Using the Area Select Tool
Select Shapes Using the Lasso Select Tool
Moving Shapes
Deleting Shapes
Resizing Shapes
Rotating Shapes
Flipping Shapes Duplicating/Copying Shapes Changing the attributes of a Shape
To Change Line (Border) Attributes
To Change Fill Attributes
Stacking Shapes
Aligning shapes
Distributing Shapes
Grouping Shapes

Pages & Views:
Creating a new page
Moving Between Pages
Ruler & Grid
Snap & Glue

Working with Text:
Text Boxes
Adding Text to a Drawing
Editing Text in a Text Box
Moving, Resizeing, and Rotating a Text Box
Adding Text to a Shape
Editing and Moving Text in a Shape
Resizing a Text Frame in a Shape
Rotating a Frame in a Shape
Formatting Text
To Select All Text in a Text Box or Shape
To Select Some of the Text in a Text Box or Shape
Horizontal and Vertical Alignment of text
Tabs within A Text Box or Shape
Bullets within A Text Box or Shape

Creating a Point-to-Point Connection
Creating a Shape-to-Shape Connection
Connecting Multiple Shapes
Automatically Connected Shapes
Working With connection points

Drawing Shapes

Background Pages:
Inserting a Background Page
Assigning a Background Page
Creating a Background Page from an Existing Page
Editing an Existing Background Page

Custom Stencils:
The Favourites Stencil
Adding Shapes From an Existing Stencil to Favourites
Adding Shapes From A Drawing to Favourites
New Stencils
Creating a New Stencil
Adding Shapes to the New Stencil

Print Preview
Printing your Drawing

Visio & Other Applications
Keyboard Shortcuts


Download Links for Office eBooks

Here are three sites that provide download links for Office eBooks covering all of the Microsoft Office applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Visio, and Project. These computer ebooks are located at download sites like On, you need to click on the 'Free' button, and then click on the 'Download via...' button (you may need to enter a 3-4 character code). On other download sites you may need to click on the 'Request ticket' link.

1) FreeBookSpot links to several Office eBooks in its Microsoft Office category.  Some ebooks on this site have two or three download links. The link(s) to download each ebook are under the Download Instructions heading on each ebook's description page.

2) Here is's Office category. To download an ebook from this site, you need to first click on the link under the 'Server' column on the ebook's description page, then on the next page click on the 'Download eBook' link. Some of these links are not working.

3) Lastly, here is KnowFree 2.0's Office category. Some of the links on this site are not working, but many are.




3) The Best New Free Training Sites for Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, FrontPage, and other Adobe and Macromedia Applications

Download Links for Flash eBooks

Here are download links for Flash eBooks at To download an ebook from this site, you need to first click on the link under the 'Server' column on the ebook's description page, then on the next page click on the 'Download eBook' link. Some of these links are not working. These computer ebooks are located at download sites like On, you need to click on the 'Free' button, and then click on the 'Download via...' button (you may need to enter a 3-4 character code). On other download sites you may need to click on the 'Request ticket' link.


24 Free Flash 8 Video Quickskill Tutorials

Here are 24 Free Flash 8 Video Quickskill Tutorials from These Flash tutorials use screen videos to teach and show you step-by-step how to perform the Flash features shown below.  (This sites charges a fee for accessing more of these tutorials.)

Basic Flash QuickSkills

The Grid Lines
Showing the grid

Anchor Points
Add anchor point to an oval

Sample Tool
Taking a sample color from a bitmap

Create Keyframes
Convert to keyframe

Motion Tween
Horizontal position tween

Rotation Tween
Simple auto -rotation tween

Shape Tween
Text shape tween

Ripple Effect
Creating a simple ripple effect with a scaletween

Motion Guide
Creating a basic motion guide

The Easing Curve
Using the velocity easing curve

Break Apart
Breaking apart text

Intermediate Flash QuickSkills

Image Filter
Adding a drop shadow to an image

Gradient Mask
Creating a simple animated gradient mask

Actionscript Color
Gradient fill a shape with color

Actionscript Positioning
Setting the horizontal position of an object at run time

Actionscript Animation
Vertical shrink and flip tween using actionscript

Actionscript Replay Button
Creating a replay button using actionscript

Animated Button
Create ananimated buttonthat animates when ursor is over

Tween Selection Buttons
Create motion tween selection buttons using actionscript

Process Input Text
How to process text from an input text field

Advanced Flash QuickSkills

Flash Built In Buttons
Create a UI button

The flv UI Component
How to use the flv flash video UIcomponent

Loading External Text
How to load text into flash from an external .txt file

Building An Mp3 Player
Create a an simple mp3 player using the sound class


Photoshop Tutorials from Digital Medianet Designer

Below are the 35 most recent Photoshop Tutorials from Digital Medianet Designer. These are very well written and will greatly help you become a better Photoshop user and web site designer. In addition, here are more of this site's recent Photoshop, Graphics, and Web Design Tutorials: Tutorials 40-60, Tutorials 60-80, Tutorials 80-100, Tutorials 100-120, Tutorials 120-140, Tutorials 140-160, Tutorials 160-180, and Tutorials 180-200.

I could not find a search form on Digital Medianet Designer, so here is help for finding what you need. Google indexes 1220 Tutortials hosted by this site, just add to this search whatever keyword(s) you are looking for to get help with Photoshop and Web Design. For example, here are 84 Photoshop tutorials related to the word 'brush'.


30 Photoshop Tutorials from WikiHow

Here are 30 Photoshop Tutorials from WikiHow, teaching you how to perform many Photoshop tasks and how to use several important Photoshop tools. These Photoshop tutorials give you step-by-step instructions and several also include screen shots. This site bills itself as the How-to Manual You Can Edit, allowing users to add and edit the articles and tutorials it hosts.

 - Create a Magazine in Photoshop
 - Create a Product Box in Photoshop
 - Add Color to a Scanned Picture Using Photoshop
 - Apply a Photoshop Filter to Create a Dramatic Effect
 - Build a Product Box in Photoshop
 - Color and Draw on Adobe Photoshop 6 -
 - Convert Text to Outline in Photoshop
 - Convert a Color Photo to Black and White Using Photoshop
 - Create a Colorful Mist Background in Adobe Photoshop
 - Create a Layer Mask in Photoshop
 - Create a Simple Glass Button in Photoshop
 - Create a Sketch Effect to Any Color Image in Photoshop
 - Create a Snowman Using Adobe Photoshop
 - Crop and Re Size Photos at the Same Time Using Adobe Photoshop 7
 - Learn Photoshop
 - Make a Blast Effect on Photoshop
 - Make a Fire Affect in Photoshop
 - Make a Gif Image
 - Make a Psd Using Photoshop (Beginner)
 - Make a Simple Animation in GIMP or Photoshop
 - Polarize an Image Using Photoshop
 - Prepare Illustrator Files for Offset Printing
 - Quickly Fix a Picture's Color and Brightness in Adobe Photoshop Cs2
 - Remove a Tattoo from a Photo Using Photoshop
 - Replace Text in Adobe Photoshop
 - Use Adobe Photoshop Tools
 - Use Keyboard Shortcuts in Photoshop
 - Use Photoshop to Retouch Facial Photos
 - Use the Cloning Tool for Photoshopping
 - Work With Photoshop Actions


FrontPage 2003 Tutorial from Indiana University

Here is a FrontPage 2003 Tutorial, from the University of Indiana, that takes you through the process of developing and creating a Web page. It shows you how to use FrontPage's features, including tables, background color, images, text formatting, and hyperlinks. Also take a look at this site's FrontPage 2003 Quick Sheet and their FrontPage 2003 Tables Tutorial.

FrontPage 2003 Tutorial Contents


14 Free Fireworks 8 QuickSkill Tutorials

Here are 14 Free Fireworks 8 Video QuickSkill Tutorials from These Fireworks tutorials show you step-by-step via screen videos how to perform these everyday tasks in Fireworks.  (This sites charges a fee for accessing more of these tutorials.) (This sites charges a fee for accessing more of these tutorials.)

Basic Fireworks QuickSkills

New Files
Creating a new file II

Grab Objects
Using the grab tool

Edit Points
Move the end points of a line

Scale Image
Numerically scale an image

Crop Images
Crop an image III

Intermediate Fireworks QuickSkills

Image Hotspot
Using the oval hotspot tool

Web 2.0 Button
Create a web 2.0 style button

Text Outline
Creatre a thick text outline

Banner Background
Creating a background for a web banner

Advanced Fireworks QuickSkills

Rubber Stamp
Using the rubber stamp tool

Sepia Tones
Convert an image to sepia II

Image Rollover
Creating a 2 frame image swap

Animating an object

Onion Skin
Onion skinning frames


42 Using PDF Files Tutorials and Articles

Here are 42 Using PDF Files Tutorials and Articles hosted by WikiHow. These PDF tutorials give you step-by-step instructions that show and teach you many ways to create, edit, work with, and use PDF files.

 - Activate Email Addresses Inside PDF Documents
 - Attach a File to a PDF Document
 - Combine PDF Files Using Adobe Acrobat
 - Compress PDF Files
 - Convert a PDF File Using Solid Converter PDF Wizard Method
 - Copy and Paste PDF Content Into a New File
 - Create Backward Compatible PDFs
 - Create PDF Files
 - Create PDF Files from Any Windows Application
 - Create PDFs from Microsoft Word With Solid Converter PDF to Word
 - Create Usable Forms With Solid Converter PDF to Word
 - Create a Copy of a Page in a PDF Document
 - Create a PDF Document from IE Using Solid Print Software
 - Create a PDF File with OpenOffice
 - Crop Pages in a PDF Document
 - Display a PDF Document on a Sharepoint Sps2003 Portal Page
 - Drag and Drop Pages from a PDF Document Into Another PDF Document
 - Edit PDF Files in Linux Using GIMP
 - Edit PDF Files in Linux Using PDFEdit
 - Efficiently Select All the Text in a PDF Document
 - Email a Scanned Document
 - Extract Pages from a PDF Document to Create a New PDF Document
 - Fill out a PDF Form With PowerPoint
 - ighlight Text in a PDF Document
 - Load PDF Files Faster
 - Modify Font Properties of the Text in a PDF
 - Navigate Through a PDF Document
 - Organize Your PDF Documents
 - Perform a Drag and Drop Web Capture in Adobe Acrobat
 - Quickly Convert PDF to Word With Solid Converter PDF to Word
 - Rotate Pages in a PDF Document Using Adobe Acrobat
 - Search for a Word or Phrase in a PDF Document
 - Set the Opening View of a PDF in Acrobat Professional
 - Set up PDF Password Security With Solid Print PDF
 - Turn Documents Into PDFs for Free (Windows)
 - Use Tracker Software Products PDF XChange Viewer
 - Use the Hand Tool to Select Text in Acrobat 6
 - View a PDF Document in Full Screen View
 - Work With PDF Files
 - Work With Toolbars in Adobe Acrobat
 - Convert PDF to Image Files
 - Convert a PDF Image to Word



4) The Best New Free Web Development Training Sites

2 HTML Tutorials from Indiana Univeristy

Here are two HTML Tutorials from Indiana Univeristy: HTML Basics Tutorial and Beyond HTML Basics. These will help you become more knowlegeable about coding web pages using HTML, using features such as creating hypertext links, inserting images, testing your HTML files, using color effectively, creating special effects, inserting special symbols, using sound, working with tables, and creating metadata in your web pages.

HTML Basics Tutorial:

Beyond HTML Basics Tutorial:


JavaScript Essentials Online Book

Here is an excellent online book called JavaScript Essentials, hosted by This comprehensive online book provides web developers with everything they need to know to create rich, interactive and dynamic web pages using JavaScript.

The purpose of this JavaScript book is to get you going with coding JavaScript in your web pages quickly and effectively. It provides detailed and in-depth knowledge of all aspects of JavaScript from language basics through to advanced topics. Using this online JavaScript book, you will learn how to develop powerful, dynamic web pages using JavaScript. It provides you with everything you need to use and code JavaScript. Also take a look at this site's JavaScript FAQ, which provides many Javascript related answers to frequently asked questions.

Table of Contents of JavaScript Essentials:
  1. The History of JavaScript
  2. A Simple JavaScript Example
  3. Embedding JavaScript into Web pages
  4. Introducing JavaScript Variables
  5. JavaScript Variable Types
  6. JavaScript Operators
  7. Comments in JavaScript
  8. JavaScript Flow Control and Looping
  9. Understanding JavaScript Functions
  10. JavaScript Object Basics
  11. JavaScript String Object
  12. JavaScript Date Object
  13. JavaScript Math Object
  14. JavaScript Window Object
  15. JavaScript Document Object
  16. JavaScript Location Object
  17. JavaScript History Object
  18. JavaScript Arrays
  19. JavaScript Timeouts
  20. Building Forms with JavaScript
  21. Understanding JavaScript Cookies
  22. Understanding Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  23. JavaScript and CSS - Dynamic Styles and Layers


PHP Essentials Online Book

Here is Techtopia's well written online book, PHP Essentials. This comprehensive online PHP book will show and teach you all the aspects and topics of PHP that you need to know for developing compelling web pages and web sites. PHP Essentials gives a high level overview of how PHP works and why it is so useful to web developers. It then teaches each PHP topic in detail, from the basics of the scripting language through to object oriented programming, file and filesystem handling and MySQL and SQLite database access. Also, it provides chapters that show how to work with HTML based forms and maintain state using cookies and PHP sessions. All PHP topics are accompanied by real world examples that are intended to bring PHP theory to life.

Table of Contents of PHP Essentials
  1. About PHP Essentials
  2. The History of PHP
  3. An Overview of PHP
  4. Creating a Simple PHP Script
  5. Commenting PHP Code
  6. An Introduction to PHP Variables
  7. Understanding PHP Variable Types
  8. PHP Constants
  9. PHP Operators
  10. PHP Flow Control and Looping
  11. PHP Functions
  12. PHP Arrays
  13. Working with Strings and Text in PHP
  14. PHP, Filesystems and File I/O
  15. Working with Directories in PHP
  16. An Overview of HTML Forms
  17. PHP and HTML Forms
  18. PHP and Cookies - Creating, Reading and Writing
  19. Understanding PHP Sessions
  20. PHP Object Oriented Programming
  21. Using PHP with MySQL
  22. PHP and SQLite



5) The Best New Free Windows, Linux, Hardware and General Computer Training Sites

Operating System Tutorials from

141 Windows Tutorials

125 Windows XP Tutorials

37 Windows Vista Tutorials

60 Linux Tutorials

65 File Manipulation Tutorials

31 Media Tutorials

55 CD and DVD Tutorials


20 >Windows Vista Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Here are the first 7 Vista tutorials at this site:



6) Software, Office and Computer Sites and Downloads Worth Mentioning

The following programs are totally Free, no popups, no adware, no spyware, and no shareware.


AviSplit enables you to split, rejoin and clip your .AVI video files, using a fast and lossless process that does not process any of the movie data. The output files are saved with an incrementing file name, so your original is not changed in any way. You can easily rejoin the split files, using the built-in options. In addition, you can clip your files and trim portions from the beginning or end of the movie. AviSplit can not process AVI video file written in Type-1 AVI and ODML AVI format - it will not work with video from a digital camcorder.


STOIK Capturer

STOIK Capturer can capture input from a video device such as a connected DV recorder through IEEE 1394 FireWire, a webcam or TV Tuner card, and save the output in AVI (using codec of your choice) or WMV format. It can optionally use a temporary file to avoid drop frames during recompression, and automatically split the output into common media sizes. Other features include playback control (as supported by device), as well as output of DV Avi to a DV recorder.


HTML Quick Edit Bar

HTML Quick Edit Bar is a toolbar for Internet Explorer that enables you to edit the current HTML page directly within the browser window. You can add/remove text, change font size, color and text alignment. The edited page can be uploaded to your server via the built-in FTP upload tool. HTML Quick Edit Bar also includes a tool that can be dragged over any page element to analyze the source structure of the code.\



Text2Web is a tool to convert text documents to html format. In addition to importing text files , it also features integrated clipboard support which provides an almost seamless operation for web authors who want to include snippets of text (formatted or unformatted) into their web pages. You can specify certain parameters like background image, font type and more. Easy to use and produces well formatted results.


Enersoft SiteGenWiz

Enersoft SiteGenWiz is an easy to use web page generator that allows you to choose from several different site styles and then generates all HTML pages for you. You can enter text, images and pages by creating components that contain your information. Site menus and content are automatically generated from your input. The program allows you to create a simple home page, or multi-page web pages with different topics, custom logos etc. You can also create sitemaps and image galleries. SiteGen is easy to use and allows you to create your site without having to write any HTML code.


Matrix Screen Locker

Matrix Screen Locker is a small and simple system tray application, that allows you to lock your desktop with a single click, using a Matrix like screen effect. In order to unlock the desktop, you need to enter the correct password. The lock cannot be bypassed with Ctrl+Alt+Del (TaskManager disabled). Convenient and cool looking, but only intended for desktop protection (it does not replace a login on boot).



7) Question of the Month about Software Training:

Each month Jeff Love will answer a current or important question that we have received about computer and software training.

May 2008 Question of the Month: 

Is there a Photoshop Certification Exam, and if so, what are the details of getting certified for Photoshop?


Yes, a Photoshop Certification available from, as a part of their Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) program. For detailed information from Adobe, you can take a look at these documents: Expert level certification FAQ (PDF: 295k), Expert level certification datasheet (PDF: 138k), and ACE customer testimonial (PDF: 96k). Adobe also offers the following free certification exam preparation guides for Photoshop:
These guides provide a certification checklist, list the topic areas covered and the objectives for each one, and give some practice questions with answers.

Ucertify offers free trials of their Adobe ACE Photoshop certification exam PrepKits. These kits contains study notes, interactive quizzes, tips and technical articles, and includes several interactive practice tests with over 240 questions and answers. Also, ExamAids offers some good training for this certification exam at reasonable prices.

Lastly, here are some tips and tricks that you can employ to increase your chances of passing an electronically delivered exam.

I hope this helps you.

Jeff Love
Site Editor

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