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1) Editor's Greeting

Hello everyone, and welcome to our new subscribers!

This is our May 2009 issue (#58) of our Free monthly Newsletter for, giving you the most current Free online Microsoft Office and Web Development Software Training and Tutorial Resources that we have recently discovered and researched. This newsletter is free to anyone subscribing (instructions at bottom, no username/password is needed). To access our member site, however, you do need a user name and password - registering as a member of costs only $14 for two months, for more information please see Become a Member of

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*** Current Issue ***

In this issue we are featuring a total of 55 Computer Software Application training, learning and tutorial web sites, with a total of 245 tutorial courses linked. It features many Free Microsoft Office, Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Web Development training tutorials for your learning profit and enjoyment. 

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2) The Best New Free Microsoft Office Training & Tutorial Sites:

This section of our newsletter contains the best new Free Microsoft Office training and tutorial sites that we have found and researched in the last few weeks. 



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9 Short Word Tutorials

Here are 9 Word Tutorials at MS Tips and Tricks that explain, and show with screen shots, various tips and tricks that will come handy for using Microsoft Word. Word is one of the most popular word processing software which comes with the Microsoft Office suite of applications. Some of the topics covered here are inserting tables, merging cells, adding table heading on each page in Microsoft Word 2007, hiding screen tips, and setting page margins.

4 Word Tutorials:
These Word tutorials show you tips and tricks like removing recent documents, hiding spelling errors and grammar errors, and merging cells in a table.

How to Remove Recent Documents List from Office
This tutorial on Microsoft Word shows how to remove recent documents list from office button using appropriate screen shots.

How to Hide Spelling and Grammar Error in a Document
This tutorial on Microsoft Word shows how to hide spelling and grammar errors in a Word document.

How to Insert a Table and Format it
This Word tutorial demonstrates with screen shots how to insert a table and formatting it as per the user requirement.

How to Merge Cells in a Table
This Word tutorial teaches the topic of merging cells in a table.  Screen shots are used to demonstrate how to do this.

5 Word 2007 Tutorials:
These Word 2007 tutorials cover tips and tricks like adding table heading on each page, customizing quick access toolbar, hiding screen tips, setting page margin etc.

How to Add Table Headings on each page in Microsoft Word 2007
This tutorial on Microsoft Word shows how to add table headings on each page in Word 2007. This is shown with the help of appropriate screen shots.

How to Customize Quick Access Toolbar in Microsoft Word 2007
This Word 2007 tutorial teaches customizing the quick access toolbar.

How to Hide ScreenTips in Microsoft Word 2007
This Word 2007 tutorial demonstrates hiding screen tips .

How to Set Orientation for the entire document or part of the document in MS Word 2007
This tutorial on Microsoft Word teaches setting orientation for the entire document or for part of the document in Word 2007.

How to Set the Page Margins in Microsoft Word 2007
This tutorial on Microsoft Word shows how to set up page margins in Word 2007.


Tutorials for Word 2007 and 2003

This series of Microsoft Word Tutorials at teaches and demontrates working with both Word 2007 and Word 2003. These Word tutorials discuss Word concepts for both novices and experts alike. Searching, printing, editing, using Microsoft Help and keyboard shortcuts are taught in detail. Also shown are more complex features such as recovering from a crash and protecting files from viruses.

Introducing Word 2007
This tutorial discusses starting and launching Word, interacting with the Word interface, accessing the toolbar and closing Word after use.
 - Loading MS-Word 2007 Program
 - Getting to Know the New User Interface
 - Using the Quick Access Toolbar
 - Using Ribbon
 - Customizing an Word 2007 Program
 - Exiting Word 2007

Exploring Word 2007
This Word tutorial explains the different views of a Word document, zooming a page, splitting windows to view multiple documents, saving a document and printing it.
 - Exploring Word 2007
 - Opening, Moving Around in, and Closing a Document
 - Displaying Different Views of Document
 - Zooming Relative to Page or Text
 - The Windows Group Doing Splits
 - Creating and Saving a Document
 - Up to Speed Understanding Word File Types
 - Previewing and Printing a Document
 - Key Points

Editing Data in Word 2007
This Word tutorial shows how words can be edited in a Word document by select the text, undo, redo and making appropriate use of the Office clipboard.
 - Adding Data by Pointing
 - Selecting Data
 - Editing Data with Pop-up Toolbar
 - Undo and Redo
 - Using the Office Clipboard

Keyboard Shortcuts for Office 2007
This tutorial discusses keyboard shortcuts that come in handy every now and then while working on Word.
 - Protecting Yourself with Undo and Redo
 - Checking Your Spelling
 - Finding Text

Tips for Using Office 2007
This tutorial contains quick tips that users should know while working on Word.
 - Saving Office 2007 Files
 - Password Protecting Your Files
 - Guarding Against Macro Viruses and Worms
 - Create Your Own Word Keyboard Shortcuts
 - Zooming in and out to Avoid Eyestrain
 - Freezing Row and Column Headings in Excel
 - Displaying Slides Out of Order in PowerPoint
 - Reduce Spam in Outlook
 - Using Pocket Office

Typing Text in Word
The primary use of an editing program is to edit text in it. This tutorial gives an overview of the various ways of input that Word accepts. It explains Find and Replace, Spell check, Grammar check and proof reading.
 - Moving the Cursor with Mouse
 - Moving the Cursor with Keyboard
 - Viewing a Document
 - Navigating through a Document
 - Finding and Replacing Text
 - Checking your Spelling
 - Checking your Grammar
 - Proofreading your Document
 - Typing Symbols

Formatting Text
Text can be formatted in various ways to suit many a user's preferences. These ways include changing font, size, style, color and alignment, all of which as demonstrated in this Word Text tutorial.
 - Changing the Font
 - Changing the Font Size
 - Changing the Text Style
 - Changing Colors
 - Justifying Text Alignment
 - Adjust Line Spacing
 - Making Lists
 - Using the Ruler
 - Showing Formatting Marks
 - Using Format Painter
 - Using Styles
 - Using Templates
 - Removing Formatting from Text

Changing the Look of a Document
A document’s look and feel can be changed using various elements in Word. These elements include the document’s background, theme, header and footer and templates. These topics are reviewed in detail here.
 - Changing a Document's Background
 - Changing a Document's Theme
 - Working with Templates
 - Adding Headers and Footers
 - Controlling What Appears on Each Page
 - Tips

Printing Word Documents
Printing Word documents are fairly easy, unless the orientation, the printer settings, or the printing sytle are to be changed. These options are discussed in this tutorials.
 - Quick and Easy Printing
 - Print Preview
 - Choosing a Printer
 - Changing Print Setting
 - Using other Print Options
 - Printing Envelopes
 - Printing Labels
 - Setting Print Options

Getting Help from Word
This Word Help tutorial explains how Word’s Help feature can be used effectively.
 - Browsing the Help Window
 - Searching in the Help Window
 - Making the Help Window Easier to Read

Protecting Against Viruses and Other Threats
The usage of antivirus programs and how to avoid viruses that destroy your Word files are discussed.
 - Viruses and Antivirus Program - Spyware
 - Understanding and Avoiding Office Viruses
 - Taking Additional Security Precautions
 - Final Discussion

Recovering from Problems
This Word tutorial goes over System Restore, using Office Diagnostics, recovering lost files, and working with recovered files.
 - Using System Restore
 - Using Office Diagnostics
 - Locating Lost Files
 - Working With Recovered Files
 - Surfing the Web for Answers
 - Final Discussion


Tutorials for Excel 2003 and 2007

Here are several Excel Tutorials at covers and teaches various features of Excel, versions 2003 and 2007. Some of the topics covered by these Excel tutorials are: getting started with Excel, steps to create a basic spreadsheet, formulas, charting, and converting an Excel spreadsheet to an Access database. Also at this site are How to Use Excel Tutorials and Excel Formula Tutorials.

 - Basic Excel 2003 Spreadsheet Tutorial
 - Adding data to a spreadsheet
 - Widening Columns in Excel
 - Adding the Date and a Range Name
 - Adding formulas
 - Applying styles
 - Changing data alignment in cells
 - Number formatting - percent and currency
 - Changing font color

Getting Started with Excel:
These tutorials are a beginner's tour on Excel 2003 and Excel 2007. It deals with simple stuff like entering data in Excel.
 - Beginner's Guide to Excel 2003
 - Beginners Guide to Excel 2007
 - Entering Data in Excel

Excel 2007 Chart Tutorials:
These tutorials walk you through creating and formatting pie charts, column charts and line graphs using many of the common features available in Excel 2007.
 - Excel 2007 Pie Chart Tutorial
 - Excel 2007 Column Chart Tutorial
 - Excel 2007 Line Graph Tutorial

How to Use Excel:
These tutorials covers how to create and use a basic formula in Excel 2007 by step by step examples. It also details out creating spreadsheets in MS Excel 2003 and MS Excel 2007.
 - Excel 2007 Formulas Step by Step Tutorial
 - Basic Excel 2003 Spreadsheet Tutorial
 - Basic Excel 2007 Spreadsheet Tutorial

Related Articles:
This section deals with several related articles on MS Excel. The topics include converting an Excel spreadsheet to an MS Access 2007 database, Excel SUM and auto SUM functions
 - Converting an Excel Spreadsheet to an Access 2007 Database
 - Excel Tutorials - Free Excel Tutorials
 - Excel SUM - Excel Auto SUM Function - Free Excel Tutorials
 - Converting an Excel Spreadsheet to an Access Database
 - Converting an Excel Spreadsheet to an Access Database


11 Excel Tutorials

Here are 11 Excel Tutorials at that cover several Excel features, including Excel 2007 and Excel XP templates, working with spreasheet files, protecting data, and creating charts. These Excel tutorials also show how to print and manage workbooks in Excel 2007; navigating, searching, and formatting spreadsheets; the top new features in Excel 2007; shortcut keys for Excel; and tips for using Excel 2007.  Most of these tutorials are for Excel 2007.

What are Templates in Excel 2007
These Excel tutorials teach you templates in Excel 2007. Some of the topics covered here are workbook tem;plates, custom Excel templates, working with default templates, print setting using template, creating custom templates, creating and using a chart template.

 - What are Templates
 - Exploring Excel Files
 - Working with Workbook Templates
 - Understanding Custom Excel Templates
 - Working with Default Templates
 - Print Setting Using Template
 - Creating Custom Templates
 - Ideas for Creating Templates
 - Sharing Templates with Others
 - Controlling Styles with Templates
 - Locking Formula Cells in Template File
 - Creating and Using a Chart Template

What are Templates in Excel XP
These tutorials cover topics such as creating templates, workbook templates, creating default workbook template, creating custom templates, locking formula cells etc.

 - What are Templates
 - How to Create Templates
 - Working with Workbook Templates
 - Understanding Custom Excel Templates
 - Creating a Default Workbook Template
 - Changing Default Print Setting Using a Template
 - Creating Custom Templates
 - Learn About Style
 - Locking Formula Cells in Template File

Working with Excel 2007 Files
These tutorials on Excel explain working with Excel 2007 files. The various topics covered here are select commands with keyboard, quick access toolbar button, saving a workbook, using auto recover, specifying workbook properties and password, renaming a file etc.

 - Working with Excel Files
 - Open and Explore Excel
 - Select Commands with Keyboard
 - Quick Access Toolbar Button
 - Change Status Bar Indicators
 - Create New Excel File
 - Save a Workbook
 - Using AutoRecover
 - Open an Existing Excel File
 - Opening Workbooks Automatically
 - Rename a File
 - Specify Workbook Properties
 - Specify a Password
 - Safeguarding your Work

Protecting Excel 2007 Data
The below Excel tutorials discuss protecting Excel 2007 data. The topics covered here are quickly hiding an opened workbook, making a file read-only, hide and unhide columns and rows, unlocking cells, using digital signatures etc.

 - Protecting Excel Data
 - Quickly Hide an Open Workbook
 - Make a File Read-Only
 - Mark a Workbook as Final
 - Inspecting a Workbooks
 - Hide and Unhide Columns and Rows
 - Unlock Cells
 - Protect Worksheets
 - Restrict User Data Entry
 - Assign a File Password
 - Hide Cell Formulus
 - Protecting a Workbook's Structure
 - Using a Digital Signature
 - Signing a Workbook

Creating Charts in Excel 2007
These tutorials deal with creating charts in Excel 2007. The various topics which are covered here are creating basic charts, formatting chart elements, inserting charts, chart styles, adjusting chart locations, adding text links, enhancing a 3-D chart, creating and using chart template etc.

 - Creating Charts in Excel 2007
 - What is Chart?
 - Creating Basic Charts
 - Formatting a Chart Elements
 - Insert Chart
 - Chart Styles
 - Change the Chart Type
 - Adjust Chart Location
 - Display Chart Title
 - Customize Chart Legend
 - Displaying Data Table in Chart
 - Select Chart Color Style
 - Change Axis Options
 - Adding Text Links
 - Enhance a 3-D Chart
 - Place a Picture in Data Series
 - Adjust Chart Data
 - Handling Missing Data or Charting Hidden Data
 - Selecting a Chart Elements
 - Creating and Using Chart Template
 - Working with Charts
 - Tips

Printing Workbooks in Excel 2007
These tutorials show how to manage printing workbooks in Excel 2007. The topics covered here are spell checking, preview before printing, adding a manual page break, setting a specific area to print, setting page margins, adding a standard header or footer, printing worksheets and charts, inserting watermarks, emailing a workbook etc.

 - Printing Workbooks
 - Spell Check
 - Preview Before Printing
 - Add a Manual Page Break
 - Changing your Page View
 - Set a Specific Area to Print
 - Adjust the Paper Orientation and Size
 - Make Worksheet Fit Better on a Page
 - Set Page Margin
 - Specify Repeating Rows and Columns
 - Printing Gridlines and Rows and Columns Headings
 - Add a Standard Header or Footer
 - Creating Custom Header or Footer
 - View Other Header and Footer Options
 - Print Worksheets and Charts
 - Inserting Watermark
 - Changing Default Print Setting Using a Template
 - Email a Workbook
 - Letting Your Formulus All Hang Out

Managing Workbooks in Excel 2007
These tutorials cover managing workbooks in Excel 2007. The topics covered here are creating an empty workbook, inserting additional worksheets, saving files, using workspace files, inserting hyperlinks, arranging windows automatically, opening nonstandard files, working with workbook templates etc.

 - Managing Workbooks
 - Creating an Empty Workbook
 - Insert Additional Worksheets
 - Protecting and Unprotecting a Workbook
 - Saving Files
 - Switching Among Open Workbooks
 - Using a Workspace File
 - Work with Worksheets
 - Insert a Hyperlink
 - Arranging Windows Automatically
 - Changing the Default File Location
 - Closing a Workbook
 - Comparing Two Workbooks Side by Side
 - Creating Multiple Windows Views for a Workbook
 - Opening Nonstandard Files
 - Opening a Workbook
 - Working with Workbook Templates

The Basics of Spreadsheets: Numbers, Labels, and Formulas
These tutorials teach the basics of Excel spreadsheets. The topics covered here are storing data in spreadsheet, formatting numbers and labels, navigating a spreadsheet, editing a spreadsheet etc.

 - Understanding Spreadsheets
 - Storing Stuff in Spreadsheet
 - Formatting Numbers and Labels
 - Navigating a Spreadsheet
 - Searching a Spreadsheet
 - Editing a Spreadsheet
 - Clearing Data

Top New Features in Excel 2007
This tutorial shows the new features in Excel 2007. This tutorial teaches you style galleries, ribbon, page layout, zoom slider and other new features.

Some Basics in Excel 2007
This tutorial deals with some of the basic features in Excel 2007 which teach you all the fundamental skills required to use Excel 2007.

Excel Shortcut Keys
This document lists Excel's shortcut keys which will come handy for the frequent users.

Moving Through a Worksheet (Shortcut Keys)
 - Moving within a Range Selection (Shortcut Keys)
 - Other Shortcut Keys

Tips for Using Excel 2007
These tutorials provide various tips with using Excel 2007. The tips covered here are: organizing spreadsheet data in different worksheet, generating new workbooks from templates, using range names, preventing data entry errors with data validation, controlling display of data in tables through outlines etc.

 - Organizing Spreadsheet Data on Different Worksheet
 - Generating New Workbooks from Templates
 - Freezing Column and Row Headings
 - Creating Data Series with Autofil
 - Using Range Names
 - Preventing Data Entry Errors with Data Validation
 - Saving Memory by Using Array Formulas
 - Trapping Error Values in their Original Formulas
 - Controlling Display of Data in Tables Through Outlines
 - Using View Side by Side to Work with Two Workbooks


9 PowerPoint Tutorials

Here are 9 good PowerPoint Tutorials from that discuss various PowerPoint features and how you can use them to make effective presentations. PowerPoint is a presentation creation application and is part of Microsoft’s Office suite of applications. These PowerPoint tutorials teach many PowerPoint's features, from the basics to more advanced topics such as working with text, colors, and graphics, printing, and solving PowerPoint issues. The first tutorial shows you some of the new features of PowerPoint 2007, but the remainder can also be used for the older versions.

Introducing PowerPoint 2007
This tutorial introduces PowerPoint with a quick tour of its interface and other features.
 - Introducing PowerPoint 2007
 - A Whirlwind Tour of PowerPoint

Getting Started with PowerPoint
This Powerpoint tutorial contains a more detailed introduction to PowerPoint and its interface, giving a detailed description of the files, the presentations and shortcut commands one should know.

 - Starting PowerPoint
 - Creating a New Presentation
 - Swapping one Template for Another
 - Saving Your Presentation Files
 - Opening and Closing Presentations
 - Entering the Document Properties
 - Understanding the New PowerPoint XML Format
 - Shortcut Commands Worth Knowing

Additional New Features in PowerPoint
This Powerpoint tutorial explains the new features in PowerPoint such as custom layouts, diagrams ad new text effects. It also discusses how a presentation can be packaged for CD distribution.
 - Creating and Saving Custom Layouts
 - Converting Lists to Diagrams in Two Clicks
 - Creating and Saving New Text Effects
 - Packaging for CD

Creating a Basic Presentation
This Powerpoint tutorial explains the components that make up a presentation and how various slides constitute to making a presentation. It also discusses the addition of notes and the creation of handouts.

 - Beginning a New Presentation
 - Creating a Presentation from an Existing Template, Theme, or Presentation
 - Form an Existing Built in Theme
 - Choosing a Theme for your Presentation
 - Adding Text
 - Adding More Slide
 - Moving Around Inside a Presentation
 - Adding Speaker Notes
 - Creating and Printing Handouts
 - Saving and Closing a Presentation
 - PowerPoint 2007 File Types
 - Running a Presentation

How to Edit PowerPoint Slides
This Powerpoint tutorial discusses the editing of various components of a slide, such as text, fonts, spelling and even the addition of special characters.

 - Editing Text
 - Reversing an Action (Undo)
 - Finding and Replacing Text Automatically
 - Replacing Fonts
 - Checking Spelling
 - Adding Special Characters

Adding Color and Pictures to a Presentation
The application of a theme, a graphic or a new background, sounds and video clips are discussed in detail here.

 - Applying Theme
 - Adding Graphics to a Slide
 - Changing the Background
 - Adding Sound to a Slide
 - Adding Movies to a Slide

Working with Text
The use of a text box, finding and replacing words, using notes on slides, headers and footers, using the spell checker and translating foreign language text are discussed in detail here.

 - Adding a Text Box to a Slide
 - Finding and Replacing Words or Phrases
 - Writing on Slides During Presentation
 - Creating and Saving Customized Theme Fonts
 - Adding Punch to Your Bulleted Lists
 - Using Headers and Footers
 - Formatting with WordArt
 - Correcting Your Spelling Errors
 - Fine Tuning the Spell Checker
 - Working with Text Written in Foreign Language
 - Translating Foreign Language Text
 - Key Points

Entering the Text in PowerPoint Slides
This tutorial discuss text entry, controlling how text fits in text frames, creating numbered or bulleted lists and putting footers on slides.

 - Entering Text
 - Fun with Text Boxes and Text Box Shapes
 - Controlling How Text Fits in Text Frames and Text Boxes
 - Positioning Text in Frames and Text Boxes
 - Handling Bulleted and Numbered Lists
 - Putting Footers (and Headers) or Slides

Some Solutions to PowerPoint Problems
This tutorial discuss some of the very common problems in PowerPoint, namely how does a newer version of PowerPoint work with an older version, printing in PowerPoint and some of the solutions to these problems.

 - Where is PowerPoint?
 - Coexisting with Older PowerPoint Versions
 - Heading Off Linking Problems
 - Prepress Printing and PowerPoint
 - Section 508 and PowerPoint
 - Common PowerPoint Problems and Solutions


Microsoft Access Tutorials

These Microsoft Access Tutorials at teach you database concepts and how to use Access. The Access tutorials cover the six types of Access objects and show you the advantages of using a database, how to design and modify the database, and how to feed the data in the database.

Introducing MS-Access 2007
These introductory tutorials on MS-Access 2007 covers the types of access objects and essential database concepts.
 - Six Types of Access Objects
 - Essential Database Concepts

Using an Access Database
These Access database tutorials cover the advantages of a computer database, database basics, designing an Access database, editing and modifying an Access database, and closing and saving a database.
 - Three Main Advantages of Computer Database
 - Understanding the Basics of Database
 - Designing a Database
 - Editing and Modifying Database
 - Typing Data into Database
 - Closing and Saving Database




3) The Best New Free Training Sites for Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, FrontPage, and other Adobe and Macromedia Applications

Flash Tutorials and Free Flash Templates

These 15 Flash Tutorials and Free Flash Templates at Metamorphosis Design will help you get started on and improve your skills with web designing in Flash. These Flash tutorials explain web site creation in Flash MX 2004, which include animation, text effects, and customized mouse click actions. Also discussed are movie creation and other little widgets that can be easily incorporated into Flash based web sites. The Flash templates section provides you with free templates that can be downloaded and used on your web sites.

15 Flash Tutorials:
These Flash tutorials explain basic workflows in Flash MX 2004 to create and control animation, creating professional preloaders, and transparency control. The creation of simple Flash widgets such as a clock and a calculator are also explained.

 - Flash MX 2004 Layers and Animation Explained
 - Creating basic buttons in Flash MX 2004
 - Creating Animated Professional Looking Preloader Step-by-step in Flash MX 2004
 - Adding and Controlling Music in a Flash Movie.
 - Dropdown Menu in Flash MX 2004
 - Customized Right Click Menu in Flash MX 2004
 - Customized Cursor in Flash MX 2004
 - Building Easy Text or Images Scrolling with Flash MX 2004
 - Changing Colors for the Flash Movie in Flash MX 2004
 - How to Change the Movie Visibility Using Action Script in Flash MX 2004
 - Drag-and-drop objects using mouse in Flash MX 2004
 - Moving shapes or objects using keyboard in Flash MX 2004
 - Creating Mask Effect in Flash MX 2004
 - Put Flash Clock on Your Website
 - Simple Flash Calculator in Flash 8

Free Flash Templates:
These free Flash templates provide templates that users can work with. The linked tutorials here teach simple Flash activities while working with the templates, such as opening a Flash file, publishing the Flash movie, changing text in Flash, and uploading files to a server.

 - Installing Fonts
 - Opening an FLA file
 - Changing text in Flash
 - Edit text in Flash templates
 - Assigning links in Flash
 - Publishing Your Flash Movie
 - How to upload files to a server


28 Flash Tutorials

Here are 28 Flash Tutorials at SmartWebby that show you how to do animations and code Actionscript in Flash, both of which go hand in hand. Animation is an important aspect of working in Flash as it is used to make rich interactive content for websites. ActionScript is usually intertwined with almost all animation in Flash as the control lies in ActionScript code. It is important to note that some basic animation can be carried out without using ActionScript, and that ActionScript allows greater control and flexibility to the animations. These Flash tutorials also cover advanced topics like outline effects, shape hints, text effects, and advanced buttons, and using Flash with ASP and VBScript.

Flash Animation Tutorials:
These Flash tutorials teach the basics of animation, the symbols allowed and the effects that Flash allows on a symbol.

 - Flash Symbols
 - Basics of Flash Animations
 - Creating Attractive Graphics in Flash
 - Advanced Flash Buttons
 - Using Sound in Flash Buttons
 - Cool & Simple Flash Effects
 - Basics of Using Text in Flash

Flash Actionscript Tutorials:
These Actionscript tutorials demonstrate how to use ActionScript to carry out simple animation such as controlling a movie clip, creating a preloader and adding sounds to the animation.

 - Creating a Custom Cursor in Flash.
 - Starting & Stopping Movieclips in Flash
 - Displaying HTML Text in Flash
 - Displaying Time in Flash
 - Sound On/Off Buttons in Flash
 - Creating Text Scrollbars in Flash
 - Simple Flash Preloader
 - Bringing External Data into Flash

Advanced Flash Tutorials:
These Flash tutorials teach advanced aspects of animation and how to optimize them, along with creating advanced text and background effects.

 - Advanced Buttons
 - How to optimize animations
 - Outline Effect
 - Shape Hints
 - Sinewave Background Effect
 - Text Effects

SmartWebby's Guide to Flash 'n' ASP:
This is a quick must read section of Flash that cover a host of topics such as integrating Flash with ASP, preparing the stage for animation, database interaction and field validation.

 -  Introduction
 -  Basics of Flash and ASP
 -  Preparing the Stage
 -  Sending Data from your Flash form to the database
 -  Getting Data from the database into your Flash form
 -  Flash preloader that waits for the data to load
 -  Validation of fields in Flash forms using JScript and VBScript


65 Photoshop Tutorials from celoxdesign

Here are 65 Adobe Photoshop Tutorials at that are for all graphic editors and web designers, from the novice to the professional. These Photoshop Tutorials discuss elements, vector art and photo enhancing. They also teach magazine design and 3D effects in Photoshop. Many of these Photoshop Tutorials explain how cool effects and enhancements are created, and also demonstrate photo editing, smoothing out sharp edges, and using Photoshop's toolbox. All tutorials are explained in step-by-step detail, along with illustrations and examples.

 - Adding Shadows to Objects
 - Awesome 3D Text
 - Extreme Makeover
 - Shining Element
 - Chrome Text Effect
 - Basic Vector Art
 - Image Color Enhancing
 - Photo Restoration
 - Photoshop Masking Tools
 - Clipping Path
 - Object Motion
 - Apple Mac Text Effect
 - Corkboard Myspace Layout
 - Snowman with falling snow
 - Website Splash Page
 - Famous Mosaic Effect
 - Magazine or Website Text Effect with Background
 - Photoshop Face Makeover
 - 3D Bulge Text Effect
 - 3D Dissolve Text Effect
 - Rough Metal Photoshop Text Effect
 - Face painting on cracked wall
 - Metal Plate
 - Text Following Path
 - Sleek Menu Bar
 - Make a Cat-eye lens
 - Trippy Colors Photo effect
 - Make a Page-curl
 - 3D Photoshop text
 - Make a Plasma TV
 - Get more detail out of a Photo
 - Scuffed metal plate
 - Digital Painting a Dead Tree
 - Blending images
 - Adding sunglasses to people
 - How to Digital Paint a Fantasy scene
 - Indent shadow orb
 - PNG transparent images
 - Paint an eye sketch
 - Paint a wooden plank
 - Melodie of a bright day painting
 - Full gaming template
 - Modding faces with textures
 - Enhance photos with different techniques
 - Cutting out wavy hair and body
 - Vista styled menu
 - Advanced shine star in photoshop
 - Resizing loads of photos
 - Celoxdesign V2 menu headings
 - Shiny Star
 - Make a Shine layer
 - Pen-tool cutting out objects
 - 3D Text in photoshop
 - The famous smooth edges technique
 - Make the original simpsons TV
 - Smooth edges glass content box
 - Glass text effect
 - Use layer masks to create reflections
 - Make a plastic peel off effect
 - Make from a real photo a nice looking drawing
 - Make groups to organize layers
 - Make a tattoo on evangeline lilly
 - Transparent Picture Border
 - 3D Text with Glow Animation
 - Glossy Header Photoshop


117 Photoshop CS2 Tutorials

These 117 Photoshop CS2 Tutorials at discuss graphics design, creating effects, animation and text effects, along with many other features of Photoshop. Photoshop's tools and effects are taught in detail by these tutorials, explaining various designs and objects that can be created in Photoshop CS2, such as 3D logos, applying halftone filters, shape creation and flowing matter. Most of these effects are the combination of many individual effects that create the final shape or effect. Also explained by these Photoshop tutorials are banner creation, logo creation, creating backgrounds for websites, blending photos, creating motion and glossy effects, and various other text effects.

 - Create a web 2.0 style icon or web graphics for the blog website.
 - Create a brick text effect or old brick fort or castle at night
 - Photoshop text tutorial - create a animation text effect with shiny stars
 - Photoshop animation tutorial - create a moon animation in a dark cloudy scary night
 - Design a PCB Electric Circuit Matrix
 - Create Marble Orb using photoshop
 - Cool Text Effect using channels in Photoshop
 - Create honey web comb like text effect
 - Create cool wavy text effect
 - Made of glass Letters or text effect.
 - Create Satin or brushed brass metal text effect
 - Learn Pixelate effect and create a root logo
 - Create an iterface for any gadget
 - How to create interlaced rings for website logo
 - Adobe cs2 photo shop studio technique Create web buttons for your website template
 - How to create backyard grey fence for garden or house
 - Create animation of a man kicking a ball
 - Learn how to draw a Pen and irregular piece of paper using photoshop software
 - How to create Barcodes lines using photoshop marquee tool
 - how to use vector mask and alter a photograph
 - Adobe cs2 photo shop studio technique Create digital icicle ice frozen matter or ice spikes tutorial
 - Adobe cs2 photo shop studio technique Create Electric spiral vortex or eddy photoshop tutorial
 - Adobe cs2 photo shop studio technique Create 3d pearly or plastic beads button or quantum dots
 - Adobe cs2 photo shop studio technique Create vortex or eddy photoshop tutorial
 - Adobe cs2 photo shop studio technique design border or pattern for digital scrapbooking or myspace
 - Adobe cs2 photo shop studio technique Create brown oak wooden text effect photoshop tutorial
 - Adobe cs2 photo shop studio technique Create a plastic shiny Orb photoshop tutorial
 - Adobe cs2 photo shop studio technique Design a Flower for scrap booking project or website Template
 - Adobe cs2 photo shop studio technique Create a line into transparent strip belt or ribbon
 - Adobe cs2 photo shop studio technique Create spinning fireball
 - Adobe cs2 photo shop studio technique Create sparkle or add sparkle to car image
 - Adobe cs2 photo shop studio technique Create a green sphere planet in outerspace
 - Adobe cs2 photo shop studio technique Create Frozen text effect or text in liquid nitrogen tank
 - Adobe cs2 photo shop studio technique Create circle or any other effect on a path circle to path
 - Adobe cs2 photo shop studio technique Create blazing text fire burn text effect
 - Adobe cs2 photo shop studio technique Create blue plaster or rubber dog training ball.
 - Photoshop free tutorial technique lesson for making texture image and blend images
 - Adobe cs2 photo shop studio technique Create half tone color burn photoshop effect
 - Adobe cs2 photo shop studio technique Create icicle ice frozen matter idea tutorial
 - Photoshop Trick Learn how to create a shimmering light text effect
 - New Feature Learn photoshop tools Draw copper metal wire cable or pipe technique.
 - Free Photoshop tutorials Draw a embossed 3D logo
 - Photoshop Text Effects Melting blurry liquid gold Text Effects with Photoshop
 - Using Halftone filter and channels photoshop technique Halftone Text effect Tips
 - Create Sparkly plastic text Effect background in photoshop using Path feature technqiues
 - Link Chain or Tie How to join the links and create a chain in photoshop
 - Draw a hexagonal honey combweb pattern using few photoshop tricks
 - Learn to Draw cross stitches using photoshop.
 - Create basic shapes circle rectange in photoshop
 - Create a goo or flowing paint or matter in photoshop
 - Learn how to create boiling olive oil with froth
 - how to create a fire blast or explosion
 - Draw a yellow star logo icon or image for banner
 - Design hardwood flooring with wood texture bricks
 - Learn to engrave or etch a surface
 - Learn to make satin nickel brushed metal surface
 - How to make a Cup of Coffee with the wind tunnel
 - Draw clouds, thunder and lighting using cool photoshop techniques.
 - Background image using falling Ivy Leaves-use in digital scrapbooking or website
 - Draw a moving spear into a heart.
 - Design a futuristic phone
 - Draw a blue @ osign logo and give some shading.
 - Create palm trees, hut etc for travel website logo or banner
 - Create an Image that could be used as Kid Zone icon or Logo
 - How to make a Cola Lid or bottle cap with water splash
 - Learn to draw a new globe or sphere text effect
 - Designing a modern triangular media logo for a corporate website
 - Design a luxury sedan using photoshop techniques
 - Photoshop Tutorial- create a framed art
 - Tutorial for creating bathroom white tiles and seat
 - Design a folder icon for your website
 - Create fruit or gift basket website logo
 - Create custom brush and website background
 - Tutorial for creating a home logo for construction industry
 - Learn how to create a cool electric Text Effect by following this step by step tutorial
 - Fruit basket logo tutorial using photoshop techniques
 - Design a web search icon for your website
 - How to create a cool Y web logo
 - How to create a notebook and pencil
 - create christmas hanging tree ornaments
 - Make ghost images and blend snapshots
 - Make ghost images and blend snapshots
 - Create handdrawn stitch using photoshop
 - Learn to create stamp effect.
 - Photoshop: Create ornaments, jewelry.
 - Learn to create shadow effect.
 - Photoshop: Create Motion effect.
 - Create Glossy effect.
 - Photoshop: Create Sketch effect.
 - Photoshop: Create an Orb Button and add more effects.
 - Make rain: photoshop technique
 - Make Graffiti effect photoshop
 - Dripping effect in paint water
 -  Create a dark snowy night
 - Blackberry in photoshop
 - Create a Blackberry mobile phone
 - Create Motorola Pink RAZR
 - Classic Website Content box
 - Bio Hazard
 - Blue Smiley
 - Site Banner
 - Signature Creation
 - Bloody Glow
 - Neon Text
 - The Living Dead
 - Angel Glow
 - Brilliant Sketch Effect
 - Chrome Text Effect
 - Water Drop
 - Plastic Text
 - Animated Christmas Bells
 - Spiral Vortex
 - Simple Fireball
 - The Moon Corona
 - Cracked Font
 - Winter Scene
 - Digital to Oil Painting


27 Photoshop Tutorials

These 27 Photoshop Tutorials at Metamorphosis Design discuss Photoshop's tools and effects that can be quickly easily applied to images. These effects include the gel, the outline, flash effect, patching text, and effectively using shadows. The tools in these Photoshop tutorials cover brush creation, installing brush sets and creating the star and psychedelic brush for effect creation. A detailed tutorial on using the file browser feature and creating patterns is also provided.

 - Extracting Objects
 - Psychedellic Brush
 - Star Brush
 - Vignette Effect
 - Gel Text
 - Outline Text
 - Glow Text
 - Rock Text
 - Surreal Image
 - Flashy Text
 - Star Matter
 - 360 Degree Text
 - Installing Brush Sets
 - Rainbow Glow
 - The Matrix Effect
 - Shadow Technique
 - Spooky Text
 - Re-arranging Brushes
 - Backscreening Effect
 - File Browser
 - Diamond Text
 - Patched Text
 - Is it Seamless?
 - Erosion Text
 - Semi-circular Text
 - The Extract Dialog Panel
 - Brush Creation


33 Fireworks CS4 Tutorials

Here are 33 Fireworks CS4 Tutorials at SmartWebby discuss and teach Fireworks CS4 and its new features, which include effects such as blurring, image fade, line and drawing, rollover and text reflection. Effects for images are also explained; these effects include GIF animation, rainbow effect, artwork, and spiraling effects. Further effects shown are transparent text, metallic gold and silver, a cloud. Creating drop down menus with simple and advanced navigation are explained in detail. Also included in these Fireworks tutorials are quick tips and tricks for Fireworks, graphic design and web design ideas, and image exporting for websites.

 - Software Review: Adobe Fireworks CS4 Cool New Features
 - Photo Blur Effect
 - Photo Montage, Fade Image Effect
 - Extract Image Effect
 - Line Art, Pencil Drawing Effect
 - Blend Mode Effect
 - Paste Inside Effect
 - Rollover Images Effect
 - Swap Images Effect
 - Text Reflection Effect
 - Transparent Text Effect
 - Metallic Silver Effect
 - Metallic Gold Effect
 - Wooden Texture Effect
 - Glittering Text Effect
 - Text Path Effect
 - Convert to Paths Text Effect
 - 3D Ball Graphic
 - Cloud Effect
 - Animated GIF Graphic
 - Rainbow Effect
 - Sunflower Artwork
 - Spiral Effect Snail Graphic
 - Torus 3D Ring Graphic
 - Twist and Fade Technique
 - Simple Navigation Ideas
 - Advanced Navigation Ideas
 - Drop Down Menu Navigation
 - Best Web Design Software
 - Fireworks Tips
 - Graphic Design Ideas
 - Web Design Ideas
 - Export Images: Slicing and exporting website images


21 Dreamweaver Tutorials

This series of 21 Dreamweaver Tutorials at SmartWebby discusses and demonstrates various design aspects when creating websites using Dreamweaver. These Dreamweaver tutorials include templates, server side design, and CSS styles. A common problem is designing for different screen resolutions and this issue is explained in detail here. Adding multimedia, such as sound and video to websites, bullet tips, image maps, image rollovers functionality, popup windows and menus are also taught in these tutorials. A section on integrating CSS and XHTML is provided as is CSS styling text and setting up a website using Dreamweaver.

 - CSS Web Design Guide: Website Design with Dreamweaver and Fireworks
 - Dreamweaver Templates
 - Dreamweaver Template
 - Making your Site Live!
 - Server Side Includes
 - CSS Styles Tutorial
 - Cool Text Effects
 - Links without Underline
 - Cool Bullet Tips
 - Designing for All Resolutions
 - Dreamweaver Tips
 - Image Maps Tutorial
 - Image Rollovers using Dreamweaver
 - Dreamweaver Behaviors
 - Pop-Up Windows
 - Pop-Up Menus
 - Jump Menus
 - Adding Sound
 - CSS and XHTML Website Programming
 - Using Dreamweaver for CSS Styling Text
 - Dreamweaver Site: Website Set-up


4) The Best New Free Web Development Training Sites

Beginning and Advanced HTML Tutorials

Here are Web Development Tutorials for Beginning HTML and Advanced HTML, at Metamorphosis Design that teach the fundamentals of using HTML in web pages. These HTML tutorials are designed in a way that beginners can move onto advanced tutorials as they finish the initial tutorials. These tutorials are easy to follow and understand with all of them having examples.

HTML Tutorials for Beginners
These 6 tutorials describe how to use HTML to initially create Web pages and use HTML tags. Two different editors used for web page creation and editing are also discussed.

 - Introduction
 - Defining Terms
 - What is HTML(Part I)
 - What is HTML(Part II)
 - What is HTML(Part III)
 - Dreamweaver vs FrontPage

Advanced HTML Tutorials
These 15 tutorials and articles cover more advanced HTML topics, including its history, the necessities to start building web pages, the structure of an HTML document and editing code.

 - Short History Of The Internet.
 - What is necessary to start building web pages?
 - Structure Of The HTML Document.
 - Section of document HEAD(<TITLE> tag)
 - Connection With Other Documents
 - Tag <BASE>
 - Tag <LINK>
 - Tag <META>
 - Starting New HTML Documents.
 - Basic HTML TAGs.
 - Basic BODY TAGs.
 - Making Your Code Editable.
 - Using Style Sheets in Your Web Site.
 - Defining Colors by Name.
 - Names and codes of colors for HTML


11 CSS Tutorials at

These 11 short CSS Tutorials at Louisiana State University give a quick overview with code on how CSS works in tandem with HTML in web pages that are easy to create and load. These primarily cover Borders, Lists, Margins, Fonts and Tables and their respective syntax. Each of these CSS Tutorials is accompanied with the applicable CSS code and how that code looks when integrated in HTML.

CSS: Borders
This tutorial explains how to create a border for an element on an HTML page using CSS.

CSS: Lists
This study material explains how to create a list of items and use visual indicators in them.

CSS: Margins
This tutorial discusses how margins can introduced via CSS to differentiate between elements on a web page.

CSS: Margins
This tutorial discusses how margins can introduced via CSS to differentiate between elements on a web page.

CSS: Media Types
CSS can be used in different types of media such as print, handheld and screens. This article introduces media types in CSS using the @media rule.

CSS: Padding
Cell padding, which is used to manipulate text positions in a web page, is discussed in this tutorial.

CSS: Psuedo-elements
Pseudo-elements allow users to make changes to certain part of the text in a web page. This tutorial discusses Pseudo-elements and how it is used in CSS.

CSS: Setting Font
Setting and using appropriate fonts on a web page using CSS is discussed in this article.

CSS: Tables
Tables are usually used to separate different areas of a web page to emphasize them. This study material discusses Tables in details.

CSS: Text Color
This article explains how the text color and its other characteristics can be changed and used in HTML.

CSS: The Syntax
This tutorial section discusses the syntax used in CSS for setting the properties and attributes for different web elements.


Web Interface Design Tutorials and Articles

These learning materials, tutorials, and articles on Web Interface Design at and other web development sites explain various concepts of Web and User Interface Design. Each of the user interface topics below are explained in detail, offering with informative descriptions and easy-to-understand examples.

Web Interface Design Tutorials and Articles
The tutorials and articles, from various authors, provide knowledge on a range of topics that include design strategies, setting up a mockup for a site, AJAX, and providing customer-specific site layouts.
 - Strategy with Design
 - Developing the Invisible
 - Live by the Mockup, Die by the Mockup
 - Small Multiples Within a User Interface
 - Blog Interface Design 2.0
 - So the Necessary May Speak
 - AJAX & Interface Design
 - Web Application Solutions: A Designer’s Guide
 - Web Application Form Design
 - Natural Selections: Colors Found in Nature and Interface Design
 - Lessons of Three Dimensions for the Web
 - Interface Design Discussions at 37Signals
 - Visible Narratives: Understanding Visual Organization
 - Understanding Your Web Audience
 - The Pursuit of Interface Design Simplicity

Research Papers
Here are two papers that discuss research methods for web application design and information management in open portals.
 - Design Considerations for Web-based Applications
 - Web-Based Information Management: An Open Portal Interface Solution

Interface Guidelines
These materials provide guidelines and principles of human and user interface design. Also provided is a comparison of guidelines and testing used during interface design.
 - Human Interface Principles
 - User Interface Guidelines
 - First Principles
 - 14 Principles of Polite Apps
 - Common Principles: A Usable Interface Design Primer
 - Principles of Good GUI Design
 - UI Guidelines vs. Usability Testing
 - Evolution Trumps Usability Guidelines

Quite a lot of terminology is used in interface design. Most interface designers are aware of this terminology and can quickly relate to it. These materials provide an overview of the terminology used in interface design.
 - The Elements of User Experience
 - Information Interaction Design
 - Designers' Roles in Communicating with Users
 - Keyword Map of LukeW Interface Designs


Visual And Web Application Design Tutorials

These tutorials and learning materials covering Visual And Web Application Design (at and other web development sites) delve into the intricacies of Web Applications and their design by explaining the guidelines and design rules on how these applications should be developed. Each of these web design tutorials start with the basics and move to more complex subjects, as they have been designed for both novices and experts alike.

Visual Organization
These two tutorials explain how visual communication is important to the layout of a design concept and how it is implemented.
 - Visible Narratives: Understanding Visual Organization
 - Visually Critiquing Web Pages

Look, Feel, and Personality
It is important to have a distinct identity that will differentiate it from others. These tutorials and study materials introduces the concepts of Look and Feel and explains them in detail.
 - Who Are You? Get a Personality (pdf)
 - Setting the Mood with Color
 - Pricing Beauty: Reflects on Aesthetics & Value
 - Branding and the User Interface, Part 2: Behavior and Color
 - Color My World
 - Trends in Web Design

This tutorial explains the processes in implementing an important design layout and effectively communicating it to the user.
 - How to (and not to) Work with a Designer

Creating a simple and eloquent design to effectively address user’s needs is explained in this tutorials.
 - The Pursuit of Interface Design Simplicity
 - Top 10 Design Problems

Web Application Design Guidelines & Process
These web design and process tutorials discuss with the guidelines, processes and task flows involved in designing web applications.
 - Design Considerations for Web-based Applications
 - Web-Application Interface
 - Designing Web Applications
 - Designing Successful Help for Web Applications
 - Views and Forms: Principles of Task Flow for Web Applications

Web Application Definitions
These materials define what a web application is and details out how Flash can be an effective tool for web design.
 - What We've Learned About Web Application Design
 - What is a Web Application?
 - Demonstrating the Potential of Flash for Web App Design

Functioning Form: Interface Design Blog
These blog-based tutorials introduce new concepts in Interface Design in the form of natural interfaces, behavior and visualizations.  Here are some of the recent posts:
 - Defining User Experience
 - SxSW 2009: Designing Our Way Through Web Forms
 - Video: Web Form Design at MIX09
 - Best Practices for Content Page Design
 - VizThink 09: Visual Communication for the Web
 - Design Team Operating Principles
 - VizThink 09: Why Visualizations Work
 - Designing Web Interfaces Foreword
 - Interaction 09: Parti & The Design Sandwich
 - Interaction 09: Designing the Viral App
 - Interaction 09: Mobile UX Patterns
 - Interaction 09: How to Change Complicated Stuff
 - Interaction 09: Carpe Diem
 - Interaction 09: Designing Natural Interfaces
 - Interaction 09: Irrational Behavior
 - Interaction 09: Fiona Raby
 - Interaction 09: Coming Into Your Own
 - Interaction 09: Experiencing Sustainability
 - UIEtips: Previous and Next Actions in Web Forms
 - 12 Standard Screen Patterns
 - Design Skills for Strategy: the short version
 - Modern Web Form Design recording available


150 Web Design Tutorials

Here is my first post (of 2) covering 150 Web Design Tutorials at Metamorphosis Design. These Web Design tutorials explain and describe how web pages and sites work and how to create sites that are compelling and attract visitors. Included here are tutorials and articles on website design, choosing a domain name, promoting websites and commercializing them. Quick tips and tricks on web design, several pointers on what not to put on a website, and what to put on it, the cost of maintaining a website, logo design and the need for a website are discussed in detail. Several sections within these web design tutorials and articles discuss how to start a professional website, prepare content for it, increasing website traffic, what people look for on a website, and how to retain users on your website.


158 Web Design Tutorials

Here is my second post on Metamorphosis Design for the remainder of their 158 Web Design Tutorials that teach important aspects to understand and note when creating a website. First and foremost, this involves web site design, followed by browser compatibility, cookie creation and usage and domain registration. These web design tutorials and articles also highlight the most common mistakes that a web designer makes and how to avoid them. Also included here are tutorials on working without frames, creating site maps, font usage, search engine optimization, colors, and how to polish up a website. For beginners, some of these web design tutorials and articles explain how to start your own website. Here are the first 150 web tutorials at this site.



5) The Best New Free Windows, Linux, Hardware and General Computer Training Sites

8 Windows Tutorials

Here are 8 Windows tutorials with nice screen shots from Louisiana State University that will help you manage things like backups, encryption, memory, and printers in Windows.

 - Windows XP: Encrypting Important Files or Folders
 - Windows XP: How To Backup
 - Windows XP: Restoring Backup
 - Windows Hardware: Calibrating Inkjet Printer Cartridges
 - Windows: Deciding which files to back up
 - Windows Vista: How to Backup
 - Windows Vista: Moving Information between Applications
 - Windows Vista: Testing Whether Your PC Has Enough Memory


How can I optimize the Windows 2000/XP/2003 Virtual Memory (Pagefile)

This Windows memory tutorial introduces this subject as follows "Memory tweaking is an important part of the System Administrator's responsibilities. Having too much memory won't hurt you, but this is something we cannot expect to have all the time. This page will give you some working tips on memory management for Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003."


5 Windows Vista Usability and Tutorial Videos from Microsoft

Windows Vista Tips and Tricks: Part 1

In this video, Kyle Rosenthal shows you some tips and tricks for managing, maintaining, and supporting Windows Vista. Although this video is aimed at the IT professional, anyone using Windows Vista will get something out of it

Windows Vista Tips and Tricks: Part 2
In this video, Kyle Rosenthal shows you some tips and tricks for managing, maintaining, and supporting Windows Vista. Although this video is aimed at the IT professional, anyone using Windows Vista will get something out of it.

A Day in the Life: Windows Vista Management

In this video, Kyle Rosenthal takes you on a journey through the tools that you will use as an administrator on a daily basis to manage a Windows Vista machine. He examines tools such as the new Event Viewer, the Reliability Monitor, and power management tools.

A Day in the Life: Windows Vista Productivity
In this video, Kyle Rosenthal takes you on a journey through the tools that you will use as an administrator on a daily basis to improve your productivity on a Windows Vista machine. Learn about the new integrated search, Windows Aero, sidebar gadgets, Group Policy tools, and more.

A Day in the Life: Windows Vista Security
In this video, Kyle Rosenthal takes you on a journey through the tools that you will use as an administrator on a daily basis to manage and configure the security of a Windows Vista machine, such as Windows Firewall and Windows Defender.


6) Software, Office and Computer Sites and Downloads Worth Mentioning

The following programs are totally Free, no popups, no adware, no spyware, and no shareware.


ImageToAVI allows you convert a collection of image files (BMP, JPEG, and GIF) into an AVI movie slideshow, that can be used to create a DVD or VCD (using your favorite DVD authoring software), or for playback on your computer. You can select the images to include, set a delay time between slides and also select a WAV background music if desired. The AVI output supports any codec installed on your system. Please note that you will need to change the default frame rates per second to 1 (see our screenshot) in order for a slideshow to play properly.



Scratch is a visual programming environment, that enables you to create interactive multimedia presentations, games and other applets that run in a web browser (Java). Scratch does not require you to learn any scripting language, you can drag and drop actions, conditions, sounds and other elements into the scrip window and arrange them like building blocks. You can share your finished project via the Scratch web site and also embed it in your own HTML code.


AnalogX CookieWall

AnalogX CookieWall allows you to quickly and easily decide which cookies can stay on your system, and which cookies should go - once you let CookieWall know which ones are unwelcome, it does the rest. CookieWall can be configured to delete cookies as soon as they arrive, to notify you of any new ones, or just que them up for you to check out at a later date. CookieWall is currently only compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer or derived versions.


Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster is a tool to manage and delete your browser cookies. It supports Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, Google Chrome and Firefox - allowing you to manage all your cookies from a single location. Once started, Cookie Monster will list all the cookies found on your machine and then allows you to view the content of selected cookies, delete them or preserve them. The preserve function ensures that you can always delete your cookies without loosing your important login cookies etc. Easy to use interface.



RoboForm is a secure password manager that can automatically log you into your web accounts with a single click. The program can automatically learn from a new login, just click the a button to save the current login information - the next time you want to access the site, you can do so with a single click. \ In addition to secure password storage and automatic logins, RoboForm also includes an automatic form filler, that uses Artificial Intelligence to populate common form fields (name, address etc.) whenever you encounter a web form to fill. RoboForm works with Internet Explorer and Firefox.


Spybot - S&D

Spybot - S&D (Search and Destroy) is an adware and spyware detection and removal tool. This includes removal of certain advertising components, that may gather statistics as well as detection of various keylogging and other spy utilities. In addition, it also securely removes PC and Internet usage tracks, including browser history, temporary pages, cookies (with option to keep selected) and more. The program offers an attractive outlook-style interface that is easy to use and multi-lingual. Spybot - S&D allows you to exclude selected cookies, programs or extensions from being reported, allowing you to prevent false positive messages for items that you don't want to be alerted of every time. SpyBot produces a detailed and easy to understand report before it deletes any files and allows you to deselect any item that you do not want to be processed.



7) Question of the Month about Software Training:

Each month Jeff Love will answer a current or important question that we have received about computer and software training.

May 2009 Question of the Month: 

What are some features that you think Windows should have, but does not. And how do you get them?


Here are some good tools and programs that you should consider adding to your Windows PC to give you more convenience, flexibility and usability.

Quick PDF Tools
Quick PDF Tools is a set of free PDF tools designed specifically to work from within Windows Explorer. It provides a freeware PDF utility that allows you to interact directly with PDF files using a simple right-click context menu. Designed with efficiency in mind, this handy PDF program lets you quickly edit and manage PDF documents from the comfort of your desktop, without the need to actually open the PDF.  Also check out Free PDF Editor.

Mindquarry DO - Free Open Source Software Download for Team Collaboration
Mindquarry DO is an Open Source collaborative software platform for file sharing, task management, team collaboration and Wiki editing that is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Mindquarry runs as a web application with an optional desktop client for Windows, Linux and Mac OS that allows for desktop synchronization and offline work. As a result, you are able to connect with team members and share information from wherever you are, effectively improving team-work and increasing productivity within your team.

DimDim is a free web conferencing service where you can share your desktop, show slides, collaborate, chat, talk and broadcast via webcam with absolutely no download required for attendees.

Text Mining Tool
Text Mining Tool is a freeware program for extraction of text from files of the next types: pdf, doc, rtf, chm, html without need to have installed any other programs like Word, Arcrobat, etc.

Talkonaut is free mobile calling, VoIP enabled, Google Talk™ like application for your mobile phone. It is available for three different mobile platforms: Symbian S60, Windows Mobile 5/6 and J2ME with MIDP-2.0, and it's known to be working on more than 500 different mobile handsets.

18 Features Windows Should Have (but Doesn't)
"Some of the coolest OS features are nowhere to be found in Windows XP or Vista. Here are 18 brilliant features that Microsoft should beg for, borrow, or steal--plus tips on how you can add many of them to your PC now."

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