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2)... Best New Free Microsoft Office Training & Tutorial Sites

3)... The Best New Free Training Sites for Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, FrontPage, & other Adobe / Macromedia Applications

4)... Best New Free Web Development Training Sites

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6)... Software, Office and Computer Sites Worth Mentioning

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1) Editor's Greeting

Hello everyone, and welcome to our new subscribers!

This is our August 2009 issue (#61) of our Free monthly Newsletter for, giving you the most current Free online Microsoft Office and Web Development Software Training and Tutorial Resources that we have recently discovered and researched. This newsletter is free to anyone subscribing (instructions at bottom, no username/password is needed). To access our member site, however, you do need a user name and password - registering as a member of costs only $14 for two months, for more information please see Become a Member of

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*** Current Issue ***

In this issue we are featuring a total of 25 Computer Software Application training, learning and tutorial web sites, with a total of 146 tutorial courses linked. It features many Free Microsoft Office, Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Web Development training tutorials for your learning profit and enjoyment. 

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2) The Best New Free Microsoft Office Training & Tutorial Sites:

This section of our newsletter contains the best new Free Microsoft Office training and tutorial sites that we have found and researched in the last few weeks. 



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10 Word Tutorials

Here are 10 excellent Microsoft Word Tutorials, at California Polytechnic State University, that provide a lot of information on the basics of Word and how to go about working with it. Word is the de facto word processing application used by millions the world over and these Word tutorials will increase your skills in no time. These Word tutorials cover several features, from mail merge and form filling, to table creation and document collaboration. They are in pdf format and can be downloaded and used for later reference.

Create Accessible Word 2003 Documents  (188 Kb, 7 pages)
This detailed tutorial provides users with information about creation of Word documents, setting languages, templates, styles, headers and footers, numbered and bulleted lists and shortcuts.

Create Mailing Labels from an Electronic File with Word 2002 (XP)  (39 Kb, 6 pages)
This Word tutorial explains the creation of mailing labels from an electronic file. These mailing labels can be used for sending mass mails to various recipients at a time.

Creating and Using Tables  (172 Kb, 3 pages)
This tutorial discusses the creation and use of tables in Word. Tables are used to represent complex data in a more orderly and understandable format.

Create Online Fill-in Form  (260 Kb, 1 page)
In case users have to create a fill-in form in Word, they can do so with components such as checkboxes and drop down fields. This is explained detail in this tutorial.

Preserving Text When Re-protecting a Form Without Macros  (36 Kb, 2 pages)
This Word tutorial explains how to work with Macros in forms and focuses on the topic of keeping the text intact when re-protecting a form without macros.

Form Fields Lose Text When Protected for Forms - Word97  (42 Kb, 4 pages)
This Word tutorial discusses writing macros to retain information in protected forms and how to implement these macros.

Form Fields Lose Text When Protected for Forms - Mac Word98  (42 Kb, 4 pages)
This tutorial teaches how to write macros to retain information in protected forms and how to implement them. This tutorial is intended for Mac users for Word 98.

Clean Up Email messages with MS Word  (370 Kb, 1 page)
This simple 1 page tutorial explains how to clean up email messages and removing paragraph marks with the help of Word.

Document Collaboration  (656 Kb, 7 pages_
Document collaboration is a term which refers to the development and review process to create a document by multiple individuals for their viewing.

Mail Merge information  (605 Kb, 4 pages)
This document explains the creation of main documents, data documents, mailing labels and catalogs for the mail merge feature in Word.


5 Word 2007 Tutorials

These 5 excellent Word Course Tutorials, at the University of Minnesota, discuss and demonstrate several features of Word 2007, its new features, document editing, mail merge, time saving tips, and techniques on working more efficiently in Word. Various exercise are also provided. These Word tutorials are in pdf format, and can be downloaded and used for later reference.

Word 2007 Tutorial: Time-Savers for Research Papers 2.23 Mb, 98 pages
This Word course tutorial contains information on Microsoft Word features such as footnotes, headers, customizing the view, style sets and themes.

Word 2007 Tutorial: Working More Efficiently (includes help with Styles) 3.11 Mb, 141 pages
This 141 page downloadable document that discuss the new features of Word 2007 and how to make it work more efficiently.

Word 2007 New Features 665.11 Kb, 7 pages
This document explicitly discusses the new features of Word 2007 and how they work better than the older version of Word.

Word 2007 Mail Merge Instructions 96.15 kb, 2 pages
This 2 page document provide instructions on how to use the Mail Merge feature.

Word 2007 Treasure Hunt 170.08 Kb, 2 pages
This pdf document that discusses most of the features that user have learnt so far and this is done using a clue for each feature of Word.

Class Files(.zip)
This section contains downloadable zip files for the first two tutorials above and can be used for creating effective Word 2007 documents.
 - Word 2007: Time-Savers for Research Papers
 - Word 2007: Working More Efficiently


9 Excel Tutorials

Here are 9 Excel Tutorials at California Polytechnic State University that discuss various features of Excel that make it such a useful spreadsheet application. These features include chart creation, application of formulas, creating functions, cell formatting, effectively using the IF function, and working with templates and spreadsheets. Each of these Excel tutorials are in pdf format, so they can be downloaded for later reference and use.

Excel Tutorial 1 - Introduction  (208 Kb, 8 pages)
This tutorial introduces Excel’s features, how to chart values, keyboard shortcuts and working with worksheets. All these features are explained with appropriate diagrams.

Excel Tutorial 2 - Simple Formulas & Absolute/Relative Cell References  (103 Kb, 5 pages)
This tutorial provides users with information about formulas, the operators that can be used in formulas, and their related functions with absolute and relative cell references.

Excel Tutorial 3 - Data Forms and Creating Charts  (113 Kb, 4 pages)
This tutorial discusses the use data forms, how to create them and use them effectively. Chart creation and its implementation are also discussed.

Excel Tutorial 4 - Formatting and Formulas  (306 kb, 10 pages)
This tutorial explains how to work with formulas and formatting them to calculate values provided in the cells. Also discussed are triggers that cause certain actions on the screen when the result of the formula matches an expected result.

Excel Tutorial 5 - Formulas and Functions  (167 Kb, 6 pages)
This tutorial teaches the use of functions to perform calculations by using specific values passed to them. These values are the function’s parameters and the calculations are carried out based on their values.

Excel Tutorial 6 - nVision  (290 Kb, 10 pages)
This tutorial explains the nVision concept which can be achieved by splitting the view in Excel to hold many views with calculations. This provides a multi-dimensional approach when viewing multiple cells.

Excel Tutorial 7 - Using the IF and Nested IF Function  181 Kb, 8 pages)
This tutorial describes the IF function with its related operators and conditions. Also discussed are the nested IF function where multiple IF statements are used to sift between available options.

Gradebook Template  (28 Kb)
This simple template created in Excel is for users to work with when working on calculations. This template is that of a class record with student name and their marks in different exams

Grading Spreadsheet  (22 Kb)
This spreadsheet template uses calculates the grades of various students based on the marks obtained in various subjects. This is a simple template for users to work on and learn the basics of Excel.


Excel 2007 Course Tutorials

Here are some excellent Excel Course Tutorials, at the University of Minnesota, that provide information on the new features of Excel 2007, its uses, its advantages over the existing versions of Excel, working with Excel charts in Word or PowerPoint, the different formulae used in Excel cells and how to effectively manage and analyze data. The first three tutorials below are in pdf format.

Excel New Features Tutorial  (761 Kb, 7 pages)
This document discusses the new features of Excel 2007 such as formatting itemized lists, creation of charts, using conditional formats and creating pivot tables.

Excel Treasure Hunt  (240.54 Kb, 2 pages)
This 2 page pdf document allows users to guess the features that users have learned so far and this is done using a clue for each feature of Excel.

Pasting Excel Charts in Word or PowerPoint  (117.20 Kb, 2 pages)
This Excel tutorial explains how to use and embed Excel charts and worksheet data in Word and PowerPoint.

Class Files (.zip)
This section contains downloadable zip files that contain spreadsheet that will help you learn spreadsheet basics, and how to manage and analyze data using Excel.
 - Excel 2007: Managing and Analyzing Data
 - Excel 2007: Spreadsheet Basics


6 Powerpoint Tutorials

Here are 6 excellent Powerpoint Tutorials,  at California Polytechnic State University, which discuss, among other things, embedding multimedia components in presentations, converting your slides to PDF handouts, and optimizing images for the Web. It includes some tutorials for using PowerPoint for Macs. PowerPoint is the most widely used presentation creation application and is bundled with Microsoft’s Office suite of applications. These Powerpoint tutorials are fairly simple to understand and follow, and they can be downloaded for later reference.

PowerPoint 2003 (PC) & 2004 (Mac): Using Video and Music  (149 Kb, 7 pages)
This PowerPoint tutorial explains how to work with both video and music in presentations on a PC and a Mac computer.

Optimizing Images for the Web and PowerPoint  (102 Kb, 3 pages)
This tutorial discusses how to optimize images for the internet and PowerPoint. These optimizing techniques include chopping, cropping and reducing the resolution.

PowerPoint Conversion to PDF Handouts (Mac OS X)  (283 Kb, 2 pages)
This tutorial discusses the conversion of PowerPoint presentations into simple handouts in PDF format on a Mac computer.

PowerPoint Conversion to PDF Handouts (PC)  ( 287 Kb, 2 pages)
This tutorial teaches the conversion of PowerPoint presentations into simple handouts in PDF format on a PC.

Powerpoint 2004 for Mac  (2652 Kb, 31 pages)
This tutorial provides an exhaustive coverage of PowerPoint 2004 for the Mac computer. This tutorial covers a host of topics and can get a user up and running when working with PowerPoint.

Powerpoint 2003 for PC  (1761 Kb, 32 pages)
This tutorial explains how to work with PowerPoint, its features and its tools in a PC environment.


2 Powerpoint 2007 Tutorials

Here are two excellent Powerpoint 2007 Course Workbook Tutorials, at University of Minnesota, teach you how to work with graphics, themes, slidesshows, how to use audio and video in presentations, and the use of XML in PowerPoint, that all combine together to make effective presentation in PowerPoint. These Powerpoint tutorials are downloadable in pdf format and can be used for later reference.

PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial: Basic Presentations  (2.82 Mb, 66 pages)
This Powerpoint course workbook tutorial discusses basic presentations, the themes used in them, graphics, and handouts and notes. It incudes appendixes with resources and cursors.
 - LESSON 4 -

PowerPoint 2007: Enriching Your Presentations  (3.28 Mb, 82 pages)
This Powerpoint course workbook tutorial provides you with information on creating custom themes, along with using animation, audio, and videos in presentations to enrich them.

Class Files (.zip)
This section contains downloadable zip files for the two PowerPoint tutorials above, and can be used for creating presentations.
 - PowerPoint 2007: Basic Presentations
 - PowerPoint 2007: Enriching Your Presentations

PowerPoint 2007: Treasure Hunt 340.08 Kb, 2 Pages
This is a 2 page pdf document that discusses most of the features that users should have learned so far and this is done using a clue for each feature of PowerPoint.


2 Microsoft Access 2007 Tutorials

Here are two Microsoft Access Tutorials, at the University of Minnesota, which describe and demonstrate the basics of Access, the new features of Access 2007, building effective databases, and how to manage them. These Access tutorials also teach advanced database features and development techniques, for both beginning and advanced users. They will help you understand the nuances of Access and assist you with working more efficiently with it.

Access 2007 Course Tutorial: Database Development  (4.19 Mb, 170 pages)
This course tutorial introduces users to skills necessary for creating and editing databases and demonstrates some of the features of Relational Database Design.

Relational Database Design Tutorial  (111.59 Kb, 18 pages)
This course tutorial introduces users how to create and maintain Relational Databases. This tutorial compares the tradition flat file databases with relational databases and also teaches how to design and normalize relational databases.
 - Relational Database Design
    - Flat File Databases vs. Relational Databases
    - Term Definitions
 - Designing a Relational Database System
    - Normalizing a Database
 - Take Home Practice

Class Files (.zip)
Here is a downloadable zip file containing the required resources to complete this Access database development course.
 - Access 2007: Basic Database Development




3) The Best New Free Training Sites for Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, FrontPage, and other Adobe and Macromedia Applications

39 Photoshop Tutorials

Here are 39 Photoshop Tutorials, hosted at These Photoshop tutorials can help you learn to create stunning web graphics or bring out the very best in your digital photographs. Using these, you will be able to learn to use many of Photoshop's tools, become a better graphics designer, and increase your Photoshop skills. All the basic as well as advanced features are explained and demonstrated with ample screenshots.

 - Photoshop tutorial: Personal Portfolio Template
 - Photoshop tutorial: Rainy text effect
 - Create sexy cyborg
 - Create vectorized girls frame
 - Light rays text effect
 - Autumn portrait photo effect
 - Breaking apart photo effect
 - Create mystery romantic bride
 - Create flaming crocodile
 - Create Cardboard Box in Photoshop
 - Create header for designer website
 - Create Painting plate in photoshop
 - Colorful trendy text graphic in Photoshop
 - Meter design in Photoshop
 - Create Poster Graphic
 - Create 3D icon avatar
 - Create Beach header
 - Stylish Stewie Design
 - Abstract Lights effect
 - Volcano lava text effect
 - Magic Leaf
 - Safe riddled with bullets
 - Lightning from hand
 - Butterfly from water drops
 - Orb Design
 - Pioneer Plasma TV
 - Drawing realistic color portrait
 - Centaur tutorial
 - Venoms Symbiotic Graphic Design
 - Hosting Template
 - Water Drip Text Effect
 - Dark Spider Icon
 - Plastic Wrap Photo Effect
 - Glossy green Text Effect
 - Sleek Gaming Navigation Interface
 - Apple's Monitor Design
 - Self-portrait on a paperleaf
 - Angel wings
 - Magic Talisman


31 Photoshop Tutorials for Web Layout Design

Here are 31 Photoshop Layout Design Tutorials at Web Design Booth that discuss layouts for web sites created in Photoshop. While Photoshop is the de facto application for imaging editing, it is also a very powerful tool for creating websites and arranging objects in the layout. In these Photoshop layout design tutorials, you will discover the Photoshop's power with creating some interesting and appealing websites that focus on design and usability. Some of the layouts formats discussed are as follows: business related, a blog theme based website, an unusual layout, a simple portfolio design, a dark portfolio design, and paper based layout.

 - Carbon Fiber Layout
 - Business Wordpress PSD Layout
 - Watercolored Background Web Portfolio Design
 - Clean and Colorful Web Layout
 - Creative Studio Web Page
 - Dark Portfolio Pixel Layout
 - Awesome Portfolio Layout
 - Create A Clean Blog Theme In Photoshop
 - Design A Creative Unusual Layout
 - Design a Layout for a Non-Profit Organization in Photoshop
 - Professional Looking Design Studio Web Page Layout
 - Graphic Design Studio Web Layout
 - Design a premium Wordpress blog with Photoshop
 - Website Gallery Layout Design
 - How to Create a “Worn Paper” Web Layout Using Photoshop
 - Design an awesome colorful layout
 - Design Studio Layout
 - Freelance Portfolio Design
 - Design a trendy business & finance layout
 - GreenPress WordPress Theme Design
 - Design a Web Template using the “960 Grid System”
 - Design a realistic website layout in photoshop
 - Create a Vibrant Modern Blog Design in Photoshop
 - Create a Sleek, High-End Web Design from Scratch
 - How to Create an Illustrative Web Design in Photoshop
 - How to Create a Stunning Grunge Portfolio
 - How to Design a Web 2.0 Website Template-Seller Photoshop Mockup
 - Chocolate Pro WordPress Style Layout
 - Web 2.0 photoshop layout tutorial
 - Portfolio Gallery Layout
 - Photoshop tutorial to design a clean business layout


17 Excellent Photoshop Tutorials

Here are 17 excellent Photoshop Tutorials at Adobe Design Center Dialogbox explaining some of the advanced techniques used in this popular graphics editing program. These Photoshop tutorials demonstrate advanced techniques that will increase your technical knowledge of Photoshop, as you learn more about the concepts of design, layout, balance, color theory, and more. I hope you'll find these techniques inspiring and helpful.

 - Optimum Strategies for Using Adobe Photoshop CS2 in Scientific and ... (4.72 Mb, 18 pages)
 - Adobe - Photoshop CS3 tutorial : 20 years of Photoshop history
 - Adobe - tutorial : Understanding Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw 4
 - Adobe - Photoshop : Why shoot raw?
 - Adobe - Photoshop : Non-destructive imaging: An ...
 - Adobe - Photoshop : Nature's Lightroom 
 - Adobe - Photoshop : Creative spark
 - Adobe - Photoshop : Zig zag
 - Adobe - Photoshop : Awakening the Web
 - Adobe - Photoshop : Wonders of the digital ...
 - Adobe - Photoshop : The incredible, shrinking ...
 - Adobe - Photoshop : Shades of Green
 - Adobe - Photoshop CS4 tutorial : Playing with print
 - Adobe - Photoshop : Rendering the print: The ...
 - Adobe - Photoshop : Making user-generated ...
 - Adobe - 20 years of Photoshop history
 - Adobe Design Center - Video on the web: My favorite designers


12 Excellent Flash Tutorials

Here are 12 excellent Flash Tutorials at Adobe Design Center Dialogbox. Using these Flash tutorials, we look at how to make things move around and bring interactivity to Flash movies. In addition to animations, Flash can be used to create complex multimedia content with interactivity, sound, drop down or scrolling menus, animated buttons, custom animated cursors and even games. These Flash tutorials contain a variety of intermediate and advanced techniques and features of this popular interactive web multimedia application.

 - Adobe - Flash: Encoding Flash Video
 - Achieve amazing easing effects in Flash (pdf, 482 kb 10 pages)
 - Adobe - tutorial: Comping your next design in Flash
 - Adobe Design Center - Animator's toolkit
 - Adobe - Flash CS3 tutorial : Preparing and building microsites
 - Creating Flash Video from Premiere
 - Adobe - Flash: Encoding Flash Video
 - Adobe Design Center - Creating a talking-head Flash video
 - Adobe Design Center - Achieve amazing easing effects in Flash
 - How Interactivity and Storytelling Sell a Movie (pdf, 1018 Kb, 3 pages)
 - Adobe Design Center - Motion and Digital Media
 - Adobe Design Center - Video on the web: Getting started


11 Dreamweaver Tutorials

Here are 11 Dreamweaver Tutorials, hosted by California Polytechnic State University. These Dreamweaver tutorials teach you some cool Dreamweaver tips, behaviors and features. If you are designing web sites using Dreamweaver and want to learn how to get the most out of this web development software, the tutorials here will help. These Dreamweaver tutorials are divided into various sections so that you will find it easy to navigate through the topics according to your level of understanding. They are in pdf format.

Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Accessibility
Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 software provides the most complete set of tools available for building, editing, and maintaining accessible websites and web applications. Here we deal with the basics of Dreamweaver CS4.

Learning the Basics of Dreamweaver MX 2004  (1976 Kb, 48 pages)
Here we learn about the basics of Dreamweaver MX 2004. This Dreamweaver tutorial comprehensively covers various features of Dreamweaver MX 2004.

Learning the Basics of Dreamweaver MX  (1219 Kb, 32 pages)
This Dreamweaver tutorial covers the basics you need to know to get started with an overview of its basic features and tools.

Dreamweaver MX Behaviors  (110 Kb, 7 pages)
In this tutorial, you will use Dreamweaver behaviors to create images maps, new browser windows, and menus.

Dreamweaver MX Forms  (298 kb, 12 pages)
This lesson focuses more on the creation of forms objects to make forms transmit data to and from your server.

Dreamweaver MX Rollover  (221 Kb, 9 pages)
In this section, you will learn to create simple rollovers, create an animated rollover, create pointer rollovers, create multiple-event rollovers and create an off/on button in Photoshop .

Dreamweaver MX Site Management  (461 Kb, 10 pages)
This tutorial explains about the site-management scheme which requires you to keep all of your files within one main root folder in  Dreamweaver.

Dreamweaver MX Style Sheets  (174 kb, 12 pages)
This Dreamweaver tutorial helps you to create an external style sheet, add styles to an existing style sheet, edit a style, create a custom style, link to an external style sheet, create an embedded style, convert embedded styles to external styles and convert CSS to HTML.

Dreamweaver MX Templates and Library Items  (191 Kb, 7 pages)
In this tutorial you will learn to create and modify templates and library items in Dreamweaver.

Making Web Sites Accessible with Dreamweaver MX (Mac)  (648 Kb, 11 pages)
Dreamweaver MX allows you to set the preferences to enable you to insert images, tables, forms, and other media.

Making Web Sites Accessible with Dreamweaver MX (PC)  (683 Kb, 11 pages)
This tutorial teaches you how to make web sites accessible using Dreamweaver.


4) The Best New Free Web Development Training Sites

HTML and CSS Tutorials and References
Here are several HTML and CSS Tutorials and References, located at, that can server as learning resources for most everything HTML and CSS, which are the most common technologies used in developing web pages. These HTML and CSS tutorials are categorized so that an aspiring web designer, a budding designer, and an advanced designer can all find training materials to suit their HTML and CSS learning needs.

HTML Tutorials:
The HTML beginner's tutorial teaches you the essentials, and the intermediate guide adds a few nuts and bolts. The aim of the HTML advanced tutorial is to show how to fully exploit the features of HTML and how to optimize it for accessibility.

 - HTML – Beginner
 - HTML – Intermediate
 - HTML – Advanced

CSS Tutorials:
These CSS tutorials describe and explain CSS at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Included here are also double rollover and javascript rollover tutorials.

 - CSS – Beginner
 - CSS – Intermediate
 - CSS – Advanced
 - CSS – Syntax
 - CSS – Background Styles
 - Double Rollover via CSS
 - JavaScript Rollovers: How have multiple links change a single image

CSS and HTML Resources:
These learning resources from around the web provide further instructions and tips on creating, coding, and designing web pages using HTML and CSS.

 - HTML Dog
 - SUNY Albany: Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets
 - CSS Box Model
 - Cascading Style Sheets and Dreamweaver
 - A List Apart
 - Dynamic Drive
 - Style Gala: CSS Layout
 - Web Design 101: Floats
 - CSS Techniques Roundup - 20 CSS Tips and Tricks
 - CSS Tutorial
 - Guide to Cascading Style Sheets
 - Test your web design in different browsers


Learn and Apply HTML Course

Here is the Learn and Apply HTML Course, at Utah State University. These HTML course lessons are designed in a way that beginners can move onto advanced as and when they finish the course. The HTML course provides learning units on how the Internet works, how to use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to publish web pages and how to make websites accessible to visitors with hearing, vision or motor disabilities. It also covers functions like inserting multimedia elements and graphics onto websites, understanding JavaScript and using scripts on your website. These HTML lessons are well structured and the related files can be downloaded here. Also, here is a nice page form the course site that describes all of the HTML tags. I recommend to use the pdf format of these HTML tutorial lessons because they contain the resource links to learn more about the topic being discussed. A portion of the book used in this course is available on google (Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML and XHTML in 21 Days).

The Basics
In this lesson you will be given an overview of HTML and begin your journey of learning some of the basic tags, or building blocks, of HTML. This tutorial section can be downloaded as a pdf document. Also the video versions are available as Video 1 and Video 2.

In this lesson you will learn about links which give HTML the "H" for Hypertext in its name. This section can be viewed as a pdf document.

Formatting and CSS
Here you will learn some great information on formatting. CSS is the wave for building web pages which provides the stuff that formats the webpage and adds style to it. The respective pdf and video tutorials are available as PDF and Video.

This lesson discusses graphics for web which will help you to create a great looking web page. Here is the pdf version of this tutorial.

This lesson explains about tables in HTML with which you can format data in your web page. The pdf version of the tutorial is available.

In this lesson you will learn about creating web pages that are accessible to persons with disabilities, and the lesson's pdf edition.

HTML in Style
Here in this tutorial lesson you will learn about styles which are the current trend and most likely the future trend of web pages. The pdf format of this tutorial can be seen here.

Forms bring some power to the web by allowing your users to provide you with valuable information and for them to request information from you. Here you will learn about several form tags and elements, and the pdf tutorial can be downloaded here.

In this lesson you will learn some of the ways to include multimedia in your web page. The pdf version of the lesson is found here .

In this lesson you will get a brief overview of JavaScript. We will be covering some of the basics on JavaScript, and the pdf version can be downloaded here.

Evaluating Websites
Many web development companies will do an evaluation of their own website by a variety of methods. Here an activity to evaluate websites is drawn out to you. You can download the activity here.

Final Project
Here in this final section, you get the opportunity to build a functioning website. Your website can be anything you wish to create. The instructions can be found here.


30 CSS Navigation and Button Tutorials

Here are 30 excellent CSS Navigation and Button Tutorials, at InstantShift. These CSS tutorials, from around the web, will teach and show you how to code web navigation and buttons using CSS. They also include some useful web design tips. Some of the topics covered by these CSS tutorials include: advanced CSS menus, web navigation, CSS graphic menu with rollovers, fancy buttons using CSS sliding doors, tabs, and color adjustable CSS.

Tutorials for CSS Navigation and Menus:
These CSS tutorials deal with various CSS navigation and menu techniques. Some of the topics covered here are slicing up the menu design and putting them togethe, animated horizontal tabs, CSS graphic menus with rollovers, and hybrid CSS dropdowns.

 - Advanced CSS Menu : Webdesignerwall
 - CSS Sprite Navigation Tutorial : Ehousestudio
 - CSS Techniques: Using Sliding Doors with Wordpress Navigation : Wphacks
 - CSS menus : Howtocreate
 - CSS Tabs Menu with Dropdowns : Dave-woods
 - Animated horizontal tabs : Dynamicdrive
 - Horizontal menu, top to bottom : Aplusrs
 - Flexible navigation example : Icant
 - CSS Menu - Horizontal/Vertical : Qrayg
 - Tabs : Brainjar
 - CSS graphic menu with rollovers : Bwebi
 - Navigation matrix reloaded : Superfluousbanter
 - Hybrid CSS Dropdowns : Alistapart
 - A CSS only validating flyout menu : Cssplay
 - A flyout menu with breadcrumb trail : Cssplay

Tutorials for CSS Buttons
These CSS tutorials cover the the topics of CSS button, including scalable CSS buttons, oval buttons, making fancy buttons using CSS sliding door technique, and roll over button.

 - Scalable CSS Buttons Using Png and Background Colors : Moncse
 - CSS Pre-Load Hover Buttons : Firefly-multimedia
 - CSS Sliding Door using only image : Kailoon
 - CSS Buttons using PNG transparency : Ryebreaddesign
 - CSS Oval buttons : Dynamicdrive
 - Make fancy buttons using CSS sliding doors technique : Jankoatwarpspeed
 - Simple Round CSS Buttons ( Wii Buttons ) : Webappers
 - Roll Over Button : Learnola
 - CSS Overlapping Arrow Buttons : Firefly-multimedia
 - Rediscovering The Button Element : Particletree
 - CSS Hover Button : Nubluecouk
 - Beautiful CSS buttons with icon set : Woork
 - How to make sexy buttons with CSS : Oscaralexander
 - Liquid & Color Adjustable CSS Buttons : Sohtanaka
 - D CSS buttons : Dynamicdrive


6 Web Design and Development Posts

The following are six web design and development posts which I have written in the past few weeks on our other blog at These are execellent training and learning materials for the topics covered.

2 Web Design Tutorials for Programmers
Here are two Web Design Tutorials: Design for Developers and Web Design for Programmers, hosted at New Auburn Personal Computer Services. These two Web design tutorials will help you to create successful web sites and web applications, along with getting you familiar with the process and tools involved with developing a functional and attractive site/application. The first tutorial is illustrated using presentation slides, and the second one is illustrated as an e-book. Both tutorials are in pdf format.

Design for Developers  (224 Kb, 34 pages)
This course is meant to be a hands-on experience. The goal is to get you familiar with the process and the tools involved in developing a functional, attractive site or application. Various hands-on examples are illustrated using the help of Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and CSS.

Web Design for Programmers  (2.48 Mb, 83 pages)
This tutorial explains you about basic color theory, learning how to choose colors, basic typography, learning how to choose fonts, basic layouts, how to mock up a site in Photoshop and basic XHTML and CSS. Also covered are building a logo that can scale using Illustrator and building a mockup of the site in Photoshop.

Free Training to Learn Flex in a Week
Here are Adobe's free video training Flex in a Week Courses, at Adobe Developer Connection, which will greatly help you learn and use Flex. To maximize your learning, we recommend that you view the videos and complete the exercises in the order in which they are listed. Adobe Flex is a must see application if you're building cross-platform, rich Internet applications and making extensive use of Flash. It provides a software development kit and an IDE to help get you on your way. These Flex tutorial courses show you how to get the most out of Flex for building rich, complelling, and interactive web applications.

4 JavaScript Tutorials
Here are 4 JavaScript Tutorials at All the scripts in these JavaScript tutorials are available for download as two compressed archives and These JavaScript tutorials are designed to provide an overview, with coding examples, of the some of the power of the JavaScript programming/scripting language. They are not just aimed at the developer who works on code for the browser or client side, the tutorials contain presentations to classic ASP developers, in an attempt to move them away from VBScript and towards JavaScript, for web application development.

44 JavaScript References and Code Examples
Here are 44 excellent JavaScript References and Coding Examples, at JavaScript is the scripting language of web, and is used in millions of web pages to add functionality, validate forms, detect browsers, and much more. You can use these 44 JavaScript examples to help you to become a better JavaScript programmer, and by reading and using these you will learn how to code its many features and functions, thereby increasing your JavaScript skills.

218 PHP Code Examples and Reference
Here are 218 excellent PHP Code Examples and References at If you want to learn the basics of PHP, then this PHP code library will help you greatly. These code examples will also help you increase your PHP skills and become a better PHP programmer. PHP-enabled web pages are treated just like regular HTML pages and you can create and edit them the same way you normally create regular HTML pages. Many pieces of functionality are covered by these PHP code snippets.

2 Ruby Tutorials and 3 Ruby on Rails Tutorials
Here are 2 Ruby Tutorials and 3 Ruby on Rails Tutorials located at the LUG Villafranca Programming Course website. These Ruby and Ruby On Railes tutorials give you an excellent grounding and understanding on using Ruby and Ruby On Rails to build web applications. Ruby On Rails is an open source Ruby framework for developing database-backed web applications. You will need to download and install the Ruby Interpreter, and you will also need to install Ruby on Rails. In addition, these tutorials use RMagick version 2.0.2, which is explained in this FAQ, and  SQLite, which is explained in this How-to. Windows users will need both the .exe and .dll versions of SQLite. The Ruby on Rails Wiki page also gives helpful information for SQLite. Source code is provided for all of these tutorials. Also, the whole programming course, which includes JavaScript tutorials, can be downloaded as pdf which is 2.28 Mb and explained in 125 pages.


5) The Best New Free Windows, Linux, Hardware and General Computer Training

This site provides many how to and troubleshooting articles and tutorials covering Windows, Networking, and Remote Access


Guide to Securing Microsoft Windows XP

The purpose of this document is to inform the reader about Windows XP Professional recommended security settings. These security settings include those that can be set via the Security Configuration Manager, through Group Policy, as well as manual settings.


5 Steps to Clean Up Your Computer Files

In this article, the author discusses the basics for sorting through and organizing your computer files, making a backup of them, and deleting those you don't need. He addresses those files that you actively have a hand in creating.


Top 3 PC problems you can fix yourself

This is a short article that helps you troubleshoot 3 common PC issues.

  - computer is running slowly
  - computer started normally, but there’s nothing on the screen
  - computer crashes and displays a blue screen


6) Software, Office and Computer Sites and Downloads Worth Mentioning

The following programs are totally Free, no popups, no adware, no spyware, and no shareware.


Spamihilator is a full featured anti-spam filtering program that works with any email client. It runs as a local POP server that sits between your email program and your mail server and filters mail based on a built-in filtering mechanism. In addition, you can maintain a blocklist as well as a list of friends (their mail will never be filtered) and customize the filtering with a variety of settings and plug-ins. The program automatically configures popular email clients to work with the filter. Among many other options, you can change the aggressiveness of the filter, block certain attachment types, block specific senders and also add your own spam words to look for. Spamihilator does not delete the spam right away, but moves it to a recycle bin from where you can review it, restore items or permanently delete them. A very flexible and capable spam filtering system.



Transmute is a bookmark converter that enables you to convert your bookmarks and favorites between Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Flock, Seamonkey and Chromium. You can export bookmarks to the root or a designated subfolder and also create a backup file.<


John`s Image Converter

John`s Image Converter enables you to convert between JPG, BMP, TIFF, GIF and PNG image formats. You can choose to convert individual images or process an entire folder at one. In addition to the format conversion, you can also resize the images and optionally append a suffix to the file name. The program also includes a handy photo montage generator that can automatically create a montage image or photo pile from the photos in a specified folder. You can choose from different montage styles, adjust the size of the snapshots and customize the background.



FotoSketcher is an easy to use program that converts your digital images into B&W, color pencil or pen & ink sketches. Just load the photo, click a button and the program will instantly apply the effect. You can tweak the edge intensity and threshold to simulate different drawing styles, add a photo frame or text, and save the digital sketch as new image without changing your original.



virtualPhotographer is an Adobe Photoshop compatible plug-in that enables you to apply a variety of color filter effects to your images. It includes dozens of black and white styles, as well as color effects that can add drama and impact to your images. Each effect can be further customized, including options for film grain simulation, contrast adjustment and REG filters. Your settings can be saved, and you can also download additional sets from the website. virtualPhotographer works with PhotoShop, Paint Shop Pro, Irfan View and other .8BF compatible image editors.



IZArc is a full featured archiving tool that you can use to open and create compressed files in many different formats. It offers many advanced features, including repairing of broken archives, searching within archives, password protecting, emailing of archives and much more. The program provides an Explorer style interface with integrated file browser, favorites, customizable toolbar and color coded file listings. IZArc can also be used to create self-extracting or disk-spanning archives and more. Additional features include Windows Explorer integration, anti-virus integration and just about anything else you d would expect to find in a professional archive utility - but this one is free. IZArc support most popular archive formats, including 7-ZIP, ACE,ARC, ARJ,BH, BZ2, CAB, DEB, GZ,HA, JAR, LHA, LZH,PAK, PK3, RAR, RPM, TAR,TGZ, TZ, ZIP and ZOO. The program is easy to use, even for beginners, yet powerful enough to provide advanced users with all the tools you need.



7) Question of the Month about Software Training:

Each month Jeff Love will answer a current or important question that we have received about computer and software training.

August 2009 Question of the Month: 

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